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[Nettime-nl] proposal artspacelab
Martin Sjardijn on Sat, 2 Jul 2005 11:10:31 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] proposal artspacelab

     Binnen deze nieuwsgroep maakte ik al eerder bekend waarmee ik bezig
was en ben binnen de beeldende kunst in relatie m.b.t. technologie en 
ruimtevaart; voorbij een involutie-krisis die het PostModernisme kenmerkte,
voorbij de aan mailart verwante pogingen van de zogenaamde web-kunst

Hieronder vind u een voorstel in antwoord op een studie van het Europian 
Space Agency (ESA),
naar zin/onzit en nut/onnut van een relatie tussen kunst/cultuur en 
Dit voorstel staat noodzakelijkerwijs in het Engels, want dat is nu eenmaal 
de taal van de ruimte. ;-)
Later volgt een vertaling naar Nederlands.

Dit voorstel probeert een doorbraak te forceren naar een nieuwe ruimte voor 
de kunsten,
waarin nieuwe media tot hun recht kunnen komen in een helder globaal 

+++++++++++++++ArtSpaceLab (ASL) Proposal for the development of an 
interactive 3D Multi-User Art World as an internet based virtual 
communication center and art-lab between the International Space Station, 
the Groninger Museum and the Art world+++++++++++++++

"Deshalb könnte es der Fall sein, dass die Menschen künftig die Bilder der 
Wissenschaft für notwendiger erachtet
als die Bilder der Kunst. Um sich gegenüber den Wissenschaften und ihren 
bildgebenden Verfahren behaupten zu können,
muss Kunst nach einer Position jenseits der Krise der Repräsentation und der 
Bilderkriege suchen"
                                                       ~Peter Weibel


    Below you will find an art concept of the artist Martin Sjardijn to 
create relations between the art scene and the technological orientated 
space world, based on the Virtual Groninger Museum. The idea is to develop 
an advanced communication platform between the International Space Station 
and the art world. Thus the possibility has been created of a first 
familiarization and exchange of data and communication, experiments and 
research can take place. Groninger Museum, TU-Delft and the Dutch Royal 
Academy of Fine Arts will cooperate in the art-project.
Project Goal

    The main goal is to develop an internet based 3D communications 
platform, which can be used as exhibition space, space for 3D experiments, 
3D entry to a wiki with database and multi-user voice or text chat. This 
platform is specially designed for artists, art/students, and the regularly 
changing manned crew of astronauts, living in the ISS, to exchange ideas in 
the new field of art related to 'near earth outer space'. ArtSpaceLab (ASL) 
enables the users to get more familiar with space technology by its future 
possibilities of real-time communication as well as the entrance to a wiki 
with related data about art and space. The use of the ASL could be compared 
to the existing communications traditions with Ham Radio.
This platform shall enable artists and students to develop and present their 
own concepts and artworks in an easily accessible and multifunctional 
environment, which has a very low threshold for combining art with the most 
advanced mathematical and High-Tech solutions. An example might be that it 
will be very easy to simulate art visually and realistically in 
weightlessness, or art in Virtual Reality.

There are several reasons why working with the ISS (and space technology in 
general) is very interesting for artists on earth.

The first and foremost reason I want to integrate my work as an artist with 
space technologies (like the ISS) is to explore new uncharted visual 
territory, that will come into play when weightlessness and art become 
intertwined. The facts are that this area has very scarcely been researched 
in the global art scene.

The second reason I am interested in working with ESA and the ISS is because 
of my own explorations within Augmented- and Virtual Reality in combination 
with art and my experience is that these techniques are exceptionally well 
suited for use in outer space and in space exploration.

The third reason for me to develop a project with ESA and/or the ISS is that 
several major art institutes in the Netherlands are very interested in 
contributing in research in this field.
The Groninger museum has asked me to investigate the possibilities to 
incorporate education with these virtual reality techniques. The Groninger 
museum is also interested in researching the possibilities for artists to 
work with Virtual Reality techniques. The 'ExtraFaculteit' of the Dutch 
Royal Academy of Fine Arts is interested in using challenging techniques and 
technology for art development. An example of their scientific interests is 
their 'Genetic Design' project, exploring the possibilities of combining 
research fields in micro-biology ant art. Technical University Delft and 
specifically the technical mathematics and informatics department have 
offered to participate with technical assistance. The department Rapid 
Prototyping owns a 3D laser scanner, which is compatible with the VRML 
techniques we use in the project.


-Martin Sjardijn

    In 1978 it became obvious to me to develop ideas for 'near earth outer 
space'. Since art was losing meaning and power to me in favor of a complete 
new and more powerful source of inspiration, coming from the dominating 
technological culture. In stead of going 'back to nature' which was the new 
fashion in painting those days, I want to the nature of 'near earth outer 
space'. International activities like the building of a space station with a 
permanent orbiting crew were the clearest way to understand globalization to 
me. Upon that, the new arrival of the internet early gave the possibilities 
for art in relation to space technology a tremendous boost.
In 1984 I created an Art Concept with a text:

A line in outer space
Visible from earth
With the naked eye
At clear nights

In 1985 a second concept arose titled 'Empty Square', which was meant to be 
a virtual mirror in a starless universe.
Since 2000 Sjardijn is working on a project for the Groninger museum using 
virtual reality. Within the scope of this project I do research to the 
practical possibilities for education and art, using web-based interactive 
3D techniques. The latter part Sjardijn wants to use for the development of 
a basic Art-Space-Lab, which in future could function as an internet based 
multi-user platform between the art world and the ISS. This idea/proposal 
will be disseminated in response to the Arts Catalyst questions and will be 
part of the virtual Coop-Himmelblau archive.

-Groninger Museum

    The Groninger Museum is a highly modern building designed by architects 
of international reputation. The artist Martin Sjardijn was asked to create 
an internet based virtual museum. In this world he made a virtual learning 
environment and place for artists and virtual 3D exhibitions. The last part 
of this project is the development of an experimental art environment.


   At TU-Delft, Industrial Design, Sjardijn did earlier experiments with use 
of Head Mounted Display techniques and Data gloves as well as Computer Aided 
design since 1990. Augmented reality is researched at the department of 
Technical Math and Information Technology. 3D scanning and Rapid prototyping 
could be researched for art experiments as well.
ExtraFaculty of the Dutch Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK)

-The ExtraFaculty

   The ExtraFaculty (xFac) of the KABK will participate in the art project 
of Martin Sjardijn with the Groninger Museum. The xFac focuses on 
intertwinings of the arts with scientific, technological and other areas in 
our modern society. Head of the xFac, Taco Stolk, is a conceptual media 
artist who has been developing science-related art projects in various 
fields since the mid-nineties. Within this project, students of the xFac 
will research and develop artistic ideas concerning the possibilities of 
space art and the communication platform itself - under guidance of Sjardijn 
and Stolk, and in collaboration with the other participants.
For images go here...

Martin Sjardijn, The Hague, June 2005

download pdf-format: http://www.kalamiteit.nl/world/proposal/proposal.pdf

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