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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Werner-Waisvisz in concert with very old and new
STEIM on Sat, 4 Mar 2006 12:56:04 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Werner-Waisvisz in concert with very old and new electronic music instruments

ï stichting voor electro instrumentale muziek



Jan Werner and Michel Waisvisz work and perform at the GRM in Paris
Premiere: next friday march 10th, Salle Olivier Messiaen, Radio France Paris

To mark the start of a fresh collaboration between STEIM in Amsterdam and the GRM in Paris Jan Werner and Michel Waisvisz will be working next week in the studio's of the GRM and present the week's results in a concert in the big hall of Radio France next friday March 10th. The collaboration of the two organizations: GRM, the birthplace of Music Concrete and STEIM, the first center entirely dedicated to live performance of electronic music, is a step into a future where the traditional studio practice and live performance of electronic music will melt together. Radical developments in technology and artistic integration make it possible to perform high quality electronic music on stage and methods developed in live electronic music provide more musical, hands on, compositional and performance- like tools for the studio. Studio production is not anymore necessarily the end-of-a-line; it can be the preparation of sound structures for further treatment into the musical texture on stage, actively in front of the audience.
We call it 'hard-disk' music because both on stage and in the studio the hard-disk is the communal medium through which the sound travels to it's destination: the audience in the hall, the hard-disk in the listeners computer, or the hard-disk that we call CD!
The concert of Michel Waisvisz and Jan Werner (both directors of STEIM) will be part of the 'PrÃsences Ãlectronique' festival in which also music will be performed by Bernard Parmegiani, Ryoji Ikeda, Carl Stone, Kasper T.Toeplitz, Robert Hampson, Yoshihiro Hanno, Jon Hassell, Lightwave et Michel Redolfi)


'Werner-Waisvisz' in concert with very old and new electronic music instruments

Werner/Waisvisz work on the edge of sound research, experimentation, sheer idiosyncrasy and mashed up technology. Waisvisz is composing/ performing on stage with live electronica for more than 35 years. He developed a series of new electronic music instruments at the STEIM foundation in Amsterdam and performed with many of the dignitaries of influential experimental music streams. Werner is one half of German electronic duo Mouse on Mars and co-director of the music label Sonig.
Werner/Waisvisz use unique instruments such as the Crackle synth, a prototype of the lately developed Meshbox, The Hands and other devices which are exclusively produced at Steim...
The music of WW explores the fields of electro acoustic experimentation, free improvised music, ons stage composing and electronic tiltery. Including sudden rock burst-outs juxtaposed with subtle sensations of microsounds and minute grain slammings. Their rare live performances are challenging the ears and expectations of the adventurous music audience.

from a recent review of a concert in belgium:

"flowing streams of grainy chords doled out in the cutting speed of an unusual electro acoustic performance with a kick-happy rock beat moving behind screeching synth cracks that hang chopped rhythms behind riffs in intricate weavings and pre-curse rapid changes with experimental exclamation. Simple, familiar grooves give new nuance and context to the vivid musical action. Always varying compositional elements cycle through the compositions and are given depth and context by the harsh breathless noises and cyclings of muffled strumming and delicate speed processing which are usually unheard in academic music and impossible to imagine in contemporary pop. A unique coming together of two of most unusual composers of contemporary informal music." ( P.B.)


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march 3rd 20:30
'1000 volt'
concert with Dutch electronic music
music by Renà Uijlenhoet, Kees Tazelaar, Roderik de Man and Natasha Barrett (not dutch:)


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