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[Nettime-nl] Debut: film festival on the internet (press announcement)
Femke on Thu, 11 May 2006 14:38:07 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Debut: film festival on the internet (press announcement)

Syntocin Foundation / May 3rd


Film festival; solely on the internet, solely non-subsidized films

Friday 12 May the first edition of the Streaming Festival {The Hague} kicks off. The festival is devoted to non subsidized films of independent filmmakers and artists from all over the world. The films will be broadcasted at six websites that belong to prominent film- and art organisations Thanks to XS4ALL we will be able to broadcast full screen, without any distortions in image or sound.

The festival will extend over three days. From Friday may 12th eight pm, you can submerge in unpredictable and artistic films ? at home, at your own chosen hours, without having to line up for entry tickets. On Sunday may 14th , about midnight, the last credit titles will pass the screen. Obviously the rules at an Internet festival are different from those at a regular festival in the cinema. First of all nobody will be bothered if you decide halfway a viewing to switch to another show. What´s more, thanks to the media player you can fast forward to the film of your choice. To make sure viewers from different time zones won?t miss anything, each block of films will be shown several times.

Highlights of this first edition of the Streaming Festival:
On Saturday we will broadcast a programme section of remarkable feature films at the website (streaming Theatre) of the NFTVM. Lovers of documentaries can have their fill at the Streaming Theatre of TENT. Fun animations and artistic films will be shown at Filmstad, SubmarineChannel, Lazy Marie, NIAf en TENT. The films of our special guests Dré Didderiëns, Jan Wouter van Reijen, Jasper Scheepbouwer en Melinda Jansen will be broadcasted on Friday night and rerun on Saturday and Sunday.
The Streaming Festival is a platform for independent filmmakers who make their films without subsidy. With this festival the organising Syntocin foundation wants to give an impulse to the audiovisual arts and to look into the possibilities of new media for artists.

The Streaming Festival has been initiated by the Syntocin Foundation in cooperation with several influential audiovisual art institutions like: the new filmmakers association (NFTVM), SubmarineChannel, the Dutch institute for animation film (NIAf), The Film City Foundation (Filmstad), Lazy Marie Foundation, TENT and the Vrije Academie.
Note for the editor
You?ll find more information on the festival and interviews with the filmmakers on www.streamingfestival.com

Ronald Lindgreen
info {AT} streamingfestival.com
070 ? 3875359

Femke Sleegers
Femke {AT} streamingfestival.com
070 3645118 / 06 40204859

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