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[Nettime-nl] Opportunities at ISIS Arts
Adinda van't Klooster on Wed, 7 Jun 2006 09:40:33 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Opportunities at ISIS Arts

There are four exciting opportunities at ISIS Arts:
Arts in Education Co-ordinator

12 month Fixed term Contract from September 06 ­ August 07
3 days per week £24,000 pro rata
ISIS Arts is seeking an experienced and self-motivated Arts in Education
Co-ordinator to help with the delivery of our programme of work.
Applicants will be expected to have previous experience of co-ordinating
large-scale arts in schools projects and/or projects with young people
outside of the formal education system. They should have a knowledge and
understanding of a variety of art forms and a good understanding of
opportunities available to artists within education.
Deadline is 5pm 3rd July 2006
Interviews in Newcastle on Wednesday 12th July 2006
?Dignity of Difference¹ Artist Residency
Fee:                                    £12,000 (there is also a materials
and exhibition budget)
Timescale:                        August 2006 ­ January 2007
ISIS Arts and Newcastle City Council are looking for a visual artist, with
media skills, for the Dignity of Difference project as part of the Holocaust
Memorial Commemorative events taking place in Newcastle in January 2007.
The artist will work creatively with young people and groups within the
city, make their own work in response to the theme, be provided with a
studio at ISIS Arts and produce artwork for exhibition in January 2007.
Deadline is 5pm Friday 30th June 2006
Interviews in Newcastle Friday 7th July 2006
Light Art Commission
Fee and production is £25,000
ISIS Arts and Sunderland City Council are looking to commission an artist to
make a site specific installation or projection piece, using light, for the
SHINE festival in Sunderland in December 2006.
Original interpretations around the theme of ?urban illumination¹ are sought
from experienced international and national artists. The brief will require
the artists to look at light in its broadest sense, to develop a
site-specific installation responding to a site in Sunderland. This has been
funded through Culture 10.
The work is to be completed by the beginning of December 2006.
Deadline is Friday 23rd June 2006
Interviews in Sunderland on Tuesday 27th June 2006
Call for artist film and video!
ISIS Arts and The Woodhorn Project, Ashington, are curating a new programme
of work for The Big M for the launch exhibition of Woodhorn in October 2006.
The theme is ?Every man¹s home is his castle¹. This new programme of work
will enable us to develop our ?home¹ theme in a new way, and with a European
and international dimension. The theme lends itself to a broad
interpretation from the exploration of different national boundaries to
individual¹s private personal space, from isolation to Big Brother, from a
refuge to a ?show house¹.
The Big M is a highly stylised inflatable structure that functions as a
temporary and mobile venue for the presentation of video and digital media.
Unique in both design and function, the Big M provides an alternative to the
conventional gallery setting and exhibits work by emerging and established
artists to diverse audiences.
There is an exhibition fee of £300 for selected artists.
Deadline for submissions 5pm Friday 14th July 2006
For further information on all the opportunities and details of how to apply
please visit our website www.isisarts.org.uk <http://www.isisarts.org.uk>
or contact isis {AT} isisarts.org.uk
ISIS Arts pioneers creative opportunities for artists through art and media
5 Charlotte Square,
Newcastle Upon Tyne,
Tel: +44(0)191 2614407

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