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[Nettime-nl] Filmscreening ma 11-09: Radio Alice
merijn on Thu, 7 Sep 2006 17:28:51 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Filmscreening ma 11-09: Radio Alice

[english below]

Broeinest en Flexmens presenteren:

*Lavorare con Lentezza* (langzaam werken)

Dir: Guido Chiesa | 2004 | 111mins | English subtitles

De première van de geruchtmakende film van Wu Ming / Guido Chiesa over de opstandige jaren '70 in Bologna en de radiopiraat Radio Alice (http://www.radioalice.org/). Lavorare con Lentezza is een politiek onverantwoordelijke film, of zoals regisseur Guido Chiesa het zelf zegt: "Trovare il linguaggio per raccontare nuove trasformazioni". De film was een succes in Italië en werd bekroond op het filmfestival van Venetië.

Regie: Guido Chiesa
Script: Wu Ming
Italie, de jaren zeventig. Met de geboorte van een vrije radio in Bologna - Radio Alice - en de politieke ontwikkeling van Italiaans radicaal links, komen twee jonge mannen in aanraking met een nieuw bewustzijn dat zich verspreidt onder de jeugd. Leven van dag tot dag en de afwijzing van een vastliggend doel of lot: dat is hun levensstijl, terwijl ze omringd worden door tragedies. Een student wordt neergeschoten tijdens een demonstratie, een vriend van hen gaat de gevangenis in omdat hij een geldwoekeraar in elkaar geslagen heeft. Geregisseerd met een subtiele hand, zonder retoriek of stereotypes. Er wordt geen oordeel geveld, het doel is om een verhaal te vertellen. De Italiaanse jaren zeventig worden in Lavorare Con Lentezza zonder taboe beschreven.
bron: imdb.com

Website: http://www.lavorareconlentezza.wumingfoundation.com/ <http://www.lavorareconlentezza.wumingfoundation.com/>

Na de film volgt een korte presentatie over de huidige media-situatie in Italië door Cecile Landman <http://www.vvoj.nl/publicaties/europa/rapport_ijeu11.html/>. Ook krijgt u wat meer te horen over Wu Ming en hun voorganger Luther Blisset.

De toegang is gratis en donaties zijn welkom

Maandag 11-09-06 Broeinest, Plantage Doklaan 10-12 Amsterdam. Aanvang: 20.00 uur
Voor meer info zie www.broeinest.info of www.flexmens.org



Broeinest and Flexmens present:

*Lavorare con Lentezza* (working slowly)

Dir: Guido Chiesa | 2004 | 111mins | English subtitles

Website: http://www.lavorareconlentezza.wumingfoundation.com/ <http://www.lavorareconlentezza.wumingfoundation.com/>

After the movie there is a short presentation on the current media-situation in Italy by Cecile Landman <http://www.vvoj.nl/publicaties/europa/rapport_ijeu11.html/>. Also more will be told about Wu Ming and their precendent Luther Blisset.

"At the centre of** Lavorare con lentezza, at first entertaining, and then dramatic, changing gear halfway through (in the final scenes there are reminiscences of the tragedy of the G8 at Genoa in 2001, in which a teenager was killed by the police), there is the utopia of freedom and the sexual and feminist revolution, which were fundamental social gains, but were then dramatically submerged by the anni di piombo, the years of terrorism. It’s a fast-paced and celebratory movie, a representation offering a mix between current affairs, history and social moeurs, supported by a fine cast, among whom Tommaso Ramenghi and Marco Luisi are outstanding." Maurizio Porro, -Corriere della Sera


11 March 1977, Bologna. During the violent clashes between police and youths that end up with the intervention of armoured vehicles, a Carabiniere kills the student Francesco Lo Russo. 12 March 1977. The brief history of Radio Alice, accused of having directed the battle by radio, ends with the Carabinieri breaking in. It is the first time in the history of the Italian republic that a radio station was closed down by military hands.
Radio Alice was one of the most singular and original experiments on language and communication that ever took hold in Italy. Lacking a proper newsroom and even less a programme schedule, the Bologna broadcaster made spontaneity and linguistic contamination something more than just a flag to wave. It was a project where political, artistic and existential petitions blended in the common denominator of radio space. Today, after more than a quarter of a century, maybe we can start to talk about Alice again, to try to understand if there was something in that voice that could be used again today.

Guido is a film director and a rock critic. He was born in Turin in 1959. In the early Eighties, after taking a degree in the History of Cinema, he moved to the United States, where he worked as an assistant director with Jim Jarmusch, Amos Poe, and Michael Cimino. After returning to Italy, Guido directed several shorts, documentaries, videoclips and feature films. During the 1990's, the main subject of his works was the heritage and memory of antifascist Resistance. Sonic Youth named a song after him ("Guido", from the "Dirty" album, Deluxe edition, cd 2, track #10).

Entrance is free and donations are welcome

Monday 11-09-06 Broeinest, Plantage Doklaan 10-12 Amsterdam Start: 20h00
For more info see www.broeinest.info of www.flexmens.org


Meer info/ More info:

Also read the article by Wu Ming, The Seventies, What Seventies?

This is a transcript from a radio emission of radio Alice, translated from the book Alice é il diavolo:

When the accusation of obscenity was flung at us, we were a little disconcerted. We had thought about many possible accusations: pirate station, underminers, communists, subversives, but we did not anticipate this one. But that's natural and proper. Language, when it is freed from the sublimations which reduce it to code, when it makes desire and the body speak, is obscene.

The body, sexuality, the desire to sleep in the morning, the liberation from labour, the possibility to be overwhelmed, to make oneself unproductive and open to tactile, uncodified communication: all this has for centuries been hidden, submerged, denied, unstated. Vade Retro, Satanas. The blackmail of poverty, the discipline of labor, hierarchical order, sacrifice, fatherland, family, general interests, socialist blackmail, participation: all that has stifled the voice of the body. All our time, forever and always, devoted to labor Eight hours of work, two hours of travel, and, afterwards, rest, television. and dinner with the family. Everything which is not confined within the limits of that order is obscene. Outside it smells like shit. All the ''unstated" is emerging: from the Chants de Maldoror to the struggles for reducing the work-day. It speaks in the Paris Commune and in Artaud's poetry, it speaks in Surrealism and in the French May, in the Italian Autumn and in immediate liberation; it speaks across the separate orders of the language of rebellion. Desire is given a voice, and for them, it is obscene.

Gray are the coats of the cops who have imprisoned comrade Bifo, gray are their instruments of death. Gray is the prison where he has been locked up, gray are the bedroom communities, gray are the streets of the business district. Obtuse is the constable who holds in his hand the hoods of his colleagues who rummage through the comrade's effects, obtuse are the police who for three months recorded the phone calls (what are we having for dinner today? let's get together on this), obtuse is television. Dangerous are the organs of repression, dangerous because of the latest submachine gun model, dangerous is the judge who arrests first then looks for proof. Dangerous are the roads and squares infested with the angels of death of a system always more minoritarian. dangerous are the factories and the shipyards, dangerous to decide whether or not to let a child see the light of day.

Gray, obtuse, dangerous, they want to impose their scale on the world: gray, obtuse, dangerous.

The totalitarian society of capital lives on the monotonous repetition of the existant. It serves the owners, the cops, the judges. None of them are indispensable to the structure they serve.

They make a life of shit the only model of life possible.

But communism is young and beautiful.

*COMMUNIQUE No. 2 - from the San Giovanni in Monte Prison*, 3/20/76. They arrested me on the fifteenth, submachine guns in hand, in the house where I was sleeping with my comrades. First they accused me of belonging to the Red Brigades. In the space of two days this accusation became so ridiculous that they had to invent another one. So they accused me of being the ideological organizer of an incredible series of criminal plots committed in Bologna in the last few months.

Not the slightest bit of proof of these subversive activities that were supposed to have been mine exists. They are trying to give a recognizable appearance to the incomprehensible (for Power) course of liberation located in the space of separ/Action, of ignor/Action which constructs liberating spaces and moments of collective transformation of existence.

But then let them say it clearly:

The practice of happiness is subversive when it becomes collective.

Our will for happiness and liberation is their terror, and they react by terrorizing us with prison, when the repression of work, of the patriarchal family, and of sexism is not enough.

But then let them say it clearly.

To conspire means to breathe together.

And that is what we are accused of, they want to prevent us from breathing because we have refused to breathe in isolation, in their asphyxiating places of work, in their individuating familial relationships, in their atomizing houses.

There is a crime I confess I have committed:

It is the attack against the separation of life and desire, against sexism in interindividual relationships, against the reduction of life to the payment of a salary.
But then let them say it clearly:
It is dada that terrorizes the gray, the obtuse, the dangerous. Guardians of order and of the exploitation of poverty - for them, the transversal writing which runs through the separate orders and reunites isolated behaviors is not just obscene, any more, it is a crime.

What makes me crazy is the uncanny. Bifo, Fontana, and Marchi are in prison.(2)
Bifo, Fontana, and Marchi are still in prison; Bifo, Fontana, and Marchi are always in prison. There isn't a single comrade who does not ask me, "And what do we do now?" Silence. And they take advantage of our silence. A month has already passed. But it was like a month in the mind of someone who isn't thinking: an instant. A month has already passed since the arrest of Bifo and we have not gotten him out of there. There is no proof, it's all a plot, we know it. And now what do we do? And now what do we do? We must do something, I want to do something, it isn't true that we are powerless before the monsters. the angels of death, the gray, the obtuse, the dangerous, I cannot keep quiet much longer.

They have killed Mario Salvi(3) in Rome. Silence.

Either the prison must explode or my head must explode. Radio Alice is quiet, the comrades are quiet, they invent words, the habitual masks. They don't speak and they don't even have any ideas. Lethargy. We are already creating the little ghetto: we are or we are not wild cats running through the town. Let's not give free rein to our jailers, strike the tiger's heart every day, in every way, according to our differences, against the sadness and the solitude of cells of confinement, 24 hours of air. This is an invitation to speak and to think, and invitation to be always present in the situations in the town the neighborhoods the schools the barracks the factories the roads, let's exhaust the enemy, let's wear out the giant monster by beating it all over its body. Let's not talk about desires anymore, let's desire: we are desiring machines, machines of war.

1. San Vittore: a prison in Milan. San Giovani in Monte: a prison in Bologna
2. Fontana. Marchi: Bolognese students thrown in jail.
3. Mario Salvi was killed in the vicinity of the judiciary prison in Rome after a motorcyclist launched a Molotov cocktail against the prison."

from: http://info.interactivist.net/article.pl?sid=03/03/05/2243231&mode=nested&tid=15 <http://info.interactivist.net/article.pl?sid=03/03/05/2243231&mode=nested&tid=15>

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