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AGAM Jacobs on Mon, 14 May 2007 16:35:28 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] [Nictoglobe] Call for submissions - Creative Resistance, New Media as Soft Arms

Creative Resistance

New Media as Soft Arms 

[Call for submission]

"How to avoid life itself becoming an immaterial product? 

When the abstract (as a better circumscription of
creative/culture/knowledge) industries consumes its own producer, the
eternal immaterial Heilstaat is reached, forever lost of its materiality ,
the human race at last is able to fulfill its final goal, the complete
abandonment of all things earthly and material. 

?Body without organs? as a final solution. Human life itself as commodity.
Makeable on demand, like the right to reproduce as you like it. Body
shopping in the real world. The destruction of criticism. 

Health care, the whole health industries, society?s policy towards
privileging certain gen technology driven program which purpose is to
repopulate the world full of happy, creative people. China?s campaign of
excluding potential parents from adoption by judging them by there weight.
Reasoning: fat people produce fat people, which is not of our liking. An
exhibition, currently in Amsterdam where the corpes of executed Chinese
criminals are exposed to entertain the public. 

People forget, luckily enough, their past. Only one generation ago, there
was a strong discourse on how to shape society with the remembrance of
Dresden, Hiroshima and Auswitch as hinter-though. It looks like this
particular view is abonded, and very naïve the same roads are once again

To take a position in this field of conflicting and immense influential
mechanisms is important and difficult to achieve. Destructing the past as a
promise for the future? There are more questions then answers, that is why
we have to produce ?good? questions to be able to demarcate the necessary
steps to be taken , not to repeat ourselves and making the same mistakes
over and over again on a much bigger scale. 

?New? media has to be armed as a protective force to defend the future. 



Nictoglobe invites you to send a short (max 500 words) submission which
reflects upon  ?creative restistance ? new media as soft arms? as an
starting point to develop a more profound and public, artistic led
discussion about this subject.

Send your submissions as a word document attachment to
submission2007 {AT} nictoglobe.com with creative resistance as subject. 

Deadline 30 Juni 2007.

All entries will be published in the summer issue of Nictoglobe.


A. Andreas - Editor Nictoglobe




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