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[Nettime-nl] The Polliniferoused Container Newsletter 4
Geert Lovink on Fri, 18 May 2007 18:45:56 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] The Polliniferoused Container Newsletter 4

From: blindpainters info <info {AT} blindpainters.org>

The Polliniferoused Container Newsletter 4
May 2007
Dear friends, supporters and sponsors of the Polliniferoused Container.
   The Polliniferoused Container has moved from Rotterdam to the former shipyard NDSM in Amsterdam North. The local borough council of Amsterdam North was so impressed by the environmental and durability aspects of the container as well as its potential for exhibitions and events that it formally invited the Polliniferoused Container to move to Amsterdam North for the final construction phase. Further the artists and creative industries who are nowadays based at the NDSM invited the container to participate in a number of upcoming events at their cultural hotspot.
    On 16 May Hans Kalliwoda gave a presentation at the Iscram 2007, a conference on crisis response and management organised by the Decis Lab, introducing the container as an effective tool for rescue and relief operations in remote and diaster areas. In the conference international organisations as the UN, the Red Cross and the European Union participated, They received the presentation with interest and some even with enthusiasm.
   The Polliniferoused Container has also made a collaboration agreement with the Wellant College and the Media Lab of the 'Hogeschool Amsterdam'and the University of Amsterdam offering their pupils and students the possibility to participate in the construction and travelling phase of container. It is a long term agreement integrating the container in their educational curriculum offering young people from vocational training background till high level university studies the possibility to work practically and multi-disciplinary on issues involving the environment, durability, information technology, new media and cross-cultural communication. Both Wellant College as the Media Lab will start their 'container' activities after this years summer holidays.
   Presently we are assembling the hydraulic lifting system of the container. People who are interested to see the present development are welcome to visit the container at its new location after making an appointment by email.
   On the website of the project www.blindpainters.org/polliniferoused/index.htm you can watch a new movie featuring a large number of people who are or have been involved in the project stating their opinions and impressions. Please have a look.
With kind regards,
Hans Kalliwoda
The Blindpainters Foundation
Post Box 1136
1000 BC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone:  +31 20 419 49 49
info {AT} blindpainters.org
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