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[Nettime-nl] Monday 28 May [ PATERAS, FOX / ANKERSMIT IELASI ]
DNKLIst6 on Mon, 28 May 2007 16:53:35 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Monday 28 May [ PATERAS, FOX / ANKERSMIT IELASI ]

DNK amsterdam - concert series for new live electronic and acoustic music.

Monday 28 May, 21:30


Tonight's DNK is a presentation of two outstanding and thoroughly different touring international duos.

Set 1:


Robin Fox - computer, controllers, programming and live processing, laser.
Anthony Pateras - Doepfer-100, voice, mixing desk & microphones

This wonderful and eccentric Australian duo dates back to 2000. With a toxic mix of comedy and violence, they perform exquisitely sculpted electro-acoustic vignettes, creating a visceral battlefield of hyperactive audio.

Set 2:


Thomas Ankersmit - saxophone, electronics
Giuseppe Ielasi - guitar, electronics

Giuseppe Ielasi (b. 1974) is an Italian improvisor playing guitar and electronics. He is also the founder of Fringes recordings, a very important label and distributor of contemporary improvised and composed music based in Milan. This is his first appearance on the Amsterdam stage for quite some time and DNK are very happy to present his longstanding duo project with Thomas Ankersmit.

Thomas Ankersmit (b. 1979) is a Dutch saxophonist and composer resident in Berlin. His collaborations have paired him with the likes of Phill Niblock, Alvin Lucier, Takehisa Kosugi, Jim O’Rourke, Keith Rowe, Gert-Jan Prins and Axel Dörner.

"Ankersmit is one of the latest in a line of saxophone players - from Evan Parker and John Butcher to Mats Gustafsson - who are taking the instrument into radical new territories." The Wire


DNK amsterdam new live electronic and acoustic music Every Monday September through June OT301 studios 1 & 2. 21:30 Overtoom 301, Amsterdam Entrance: €4 info {AT} dnk-amsterdam.com http://www.dnk-amsterdam.com

DNK amsterdam is funded by:
VSB Fonds
Fonds voor Amateurkunst en Podiumkunsten
Fonds voor Podiumprogrammering en Marketing
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