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[Nettime-nl] YOURCE CONFERENCE 2007, Open Source Youth Networking in You
Saskia van de Nieuwenhof on Fri, 10 Aug 2007 00:52:52 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] YOURCE CONFERENCE 2007, Open Source Youth Networking in Youth Work and Volunteering



9 - 1 4 OCTOBER 2007

Read the full invitation as a pdf-file attached to this mail or at: http://isca-web.org/filer/yource/YOURCE%20invitation.pdf

To submit your application please fill in the online application form at:
http://www.yource.org or http://www.isca-web.org/english/events/yourceconference2007/

Find background information at:

Saara-Sofia SUTELA sss {AT} isca-web.org
Tobias Martens  tm {AT} isca-web.org

You are invited to participate in the 1st YOURCE Conference on Open Source Youth Networking & Web 2.0 in Youth Work and Youth Volunteerism.

The conference will gather 50 participants from across Europe to explore and develop the role of modern information technologies and participative media as tools in youth work and voluntary engagement.

The conference's focus is to link virtual web-based with real-life social activism and create hereby new perspectives for social engagement in our society.

Participants should be between 18-30 years old and should have experience in youth and community involvement, preferable with background in participative media and new information trends&technologies like weblogs, open source concepts, communities and social networks.

Date and Venue
The conference will take place from the 9th to 14th of October 2007 in the city of Copenhagen, in the facilities of the Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (DGI).
Participants will be accommodated in the DANHOSTEL Copenhagen City, which is Europe's latest and largest designer youth hostel.
There are a limited number of hotel rooms in the DGI-byen Hotel, which is part of the meeting venue.

Content and Themes The 1st YOURCE Conference will feature the following key-topics:

- Pan-European youth Dialogue for real life voluntary and social engagement
- Open Source culture as an innovative tool for European NGOs and volunteers
- Online networking in Web 2.0 for real-life interaction and social engagement
- Online activism and real life activism as complementary movements

The 1st YOURCE Conference brings together the resources and networks of "classical" youth work in Europe, represented by young peers & volunteers and NGOs working in the youth field, with peers and ambassadors of the "new" Web 2.0 and open source developments.

The conference's approach is to create an exchange and dialogue between both dimensions thereby creating new perspectives for social engagement and movement in society.

Objectives and Outcomes
The 1st YOURCE Conference will focus on the following objectives, while providing a dynamic and open environment for individual expression & contribution, intercultural dialogue and a mutual learning experience:

- Initiation of a dialogue between experts in the open source and web field with modern NGOs working with and for youth
- Knowledge transfer and experience exchange between individuals who represent different dimensions of web, open-source and youth
- Establish a network to promote further exchange, cooperation and social action

What is "YOURCE"? YOURCE stands for Open Source Youth Networking

ISCA initiated YOURCE to promote and facilitate the application of new trends & technlogies in youth work & youth volunteerism, giving hereby innovative impulses for social engagement in Europe.

ISCA understands the importance of modern information technologies, especially of open source concepts and Web 2.0 as chances for innovative impulses in the NGO scene, leading to extends of interaction, gain of strength and power for all involved parties.

YOURCE is Open Source Youth Networking for "real-life" social change

Organisational Partners * International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA), Denmark * Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (DGI), Denmark * D-MEDIA, Romania * German Sport Youth (DSJ), Germany * INATEL Portugal * Juniorteam Sport and Youth Association Lower Saxony, Germany * NSU, Denmark * 4MOTION, Luxembourg * UFOLEP, France

Methodology of the Conference
The conference will be based on the principles and practise of non-formal education and is conceived to allow a learner-centred approach taking into account the needs, interests and the experiences of participants.
The inclusion of modern information and communication tools supports the innovative approach of the conference and will show new ways in youth work.
Participants will have the opportunity to make personal contributions and will be encouraged to organise follow-up projects after the conference as well as to transfer what they have learned to peers in their community and organisations.

Profile of Participants
We kindly invite:
- Young people involved in voluntary work at a local, regional, national level or who are involved in NGO youth work
- Stakeholders and peers of the Web 2.0 and the open source movement motivated to transfer and adapt these concepts in a "real-life" environment with an extended social matter.
- Organisations active in the field of Web 2.0, Open Source and participative media

Participant age must be between 18-30, exceptions may be be granted based on particulary interesting applicant profile. We encourage teams of 2-3 persons to apply, but do not guarantee selection, due to limited spaces. Applications need to be done individually.

The conference will use modern information technologies; therefore we invite participants to bring laptops with Wireless-Lan functionality.
All participants are asked to fill in carefully the online application form.

Cost of participation
The conferences participation fee is 50 EURO. This amount will be deducted from the reimbursement of travel cost we allow for participants not older then 30 years.
We advise participants to make use of the cheapest travel method possible and attendance at min 90% of event to qualify for the following reimbursement model for travel expense:
- Participants travelling from all other EU countries max 200 Euro refund,
- Participants travelling from non-EU countries but Council of Europe countries max 250 Euro refund.

ISCA will need to receive all original tickets/receipts. Private car expenses will not be covered. The host will provide accommodation and food.

The working language will be English. Applicants are requested to have good knowledge of English.

How to apply
To apply for a place on the 1st YOURCE Conference, please complete the online application form at the ISCA website (direct-link: www.yource.org) before the 1st of September 2007. Successful applicants will be notified by the 10th of September 2007.
A limited number of Wildcards will be available.

Draft Programme Tuesday 9th October * Arrival and Registration, Check-in * Welcome Event and Social Activities

Wednesday 10th October
* Official Opening and Presentations from the Organizers and Partner
* Conference Keynote
* Experts Inputs on Conference Themes
  -     Web 2.0
  -     Open Source Philosophy
- NGOs and Youth Work
* Open Source Youth Networking in & for Youth Work (WS)
* Best practice of Open Source

Thursday 11th October
* Expert Talk
* Open Space "A World of Open Source Youth Networking"
* Networking Lounge

Friday 12th October
*Developing the YOURCE project from the philosophy to the web and young people (WS)
* Your Night of Copenhagen (opt)

Saturday 13th October
* Plenary Input & Discussion
- European dimension of YOURCE
- Effects and importance of YOURCE for youth work
* Action and Follow-Up planning of project
* Closing Ceremony
* Evaluation
* Farewell Party

Sunday 14th October
* Departure


 Council of Europe / European Youth Foundation
"ALL different, All equal"
Web: www.alldifferent-allequal.info

European Commission
EU Youth in Action Programme
Web: www.ec.europe.eu

International Sport and Culture Association
IYLE Programme
Web: www.isca-web.org

Contact Us

Apply online at:

For further Information contact:
Saara-Sofia SUTELA

ISCA Tietegensgade 65 DK-1704 Copenhagen V Denmark Telefon:" +45 33 29 80 26 Mail:" " sss {AT} isca-web.org Web:" " www.isca-web.org

<<YOURCE invitation.pdf>>

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