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[Nettime-nl] Fri 26th Oct WORM {AT} 21:00 / free/, première evening of medi
Geert Lovink on Sun, 21 Oct 2007 21:25:28 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Fri 26th Oct WORM {AT} 21:00 / free/, première evening of media/art/performanceLab.

on Fri 26 Oct / please come to WORM http://www.wormweb.nl/ door opens {AT} 21:00u / start {AT} 21:00 / free, and witness the première evening of the new Rotterdam Art Lab 'Labouretum Lumbrici'.

"On their first night out, mysterious nightcrawlers take on 'streaming' in its broadest sense in projects which interrogate time out of joint, remote performance, human gestural video scratching ; by constructing labyrinthine theatre machines, the unsuspecting are trapped in a web of datastreams within the public space of worm"

A thrilling kaleidoscopic programme with:


NetFlux :: physical #NET#connection fluctuating datastreams

Daedalus_ex_Machina :: a Labyrinthine Theater machine

Aether9 :: Remote Realtime Storytelling

!++! HEADLINE ACT Carnival of Hellucinations :: unusual bizarre stories in a funny absurd fashion. Reminiscent of old cabaret, circus, film scenes, vaudeville, devilish clowns knockabout in a quasi-sexy transgender bending humour.

bl0b70b / jan-kees van kampen & fokke de jong
digital music improv, live coding, netfeedback

Dennis >> "dj in z'n element"
'Goat in the Shell' >> online ASCII VJ-ing

late night dj Dr. Moffe (plays yr favourite Deutsche entartete Musik

networked lounge-style[!!WORMs!!]games corner for A.D.D types and couches

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