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[Nettime-nl] REMINDER| The PatchingZone Info Event, Oct. 24th at V2_
press on Wed, 24 Oct 2007 10:08:17 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] REMINDER| The PatchingZone Info Event, Oct. 24th at V2_

*Reminder *
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*The PatchingZone Information Event *
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*/Wednesday October 24, 2007, 7:30 p.m./*
*/Location: V2_Groundfloor, /**/Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam, free entry./*
*/ /*

The PatchingZone is a new initiative of V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, where master's, doctoral and post-doc students and professionals from different backgrounds create meaningful content. The PatchingZone works closely with V2_ and builds on the knowledge and expertise gained in the V2_Lab, the research and development department of V2_, and Anne Nigten's Ph.D. research project /Processpatching: Defining New Methods in aRt&D/. On Wednesday, October 24, the PatchingZone is holding an informal information event for master's and Ph.D. students, professionals, educators, businesspeople and all other potential participants, collaborators and partners interested in the PatchingZone philosophy and the 'process patching' method.
You will receive information on the first call for proposals for the pilot project Cultuur Lokaal. This is a collaboration between the Waterwolf laboratories (Haagse Hogeschool lectoraat Society and ICT by Dick Rijken and three cultural institutions in Gouda: Public Library Gouda, Regional archive Central-Holland, Museum GoudA) and The Patchingzone. The PatchingZone's connection with V2_'s activities will also be outlined and illustrated. Furthermore, the Patching Zone team will host a Q&A session about possible forms of collaboration and details of the call for proposals. Finally, the makers of the /aRt&D triangle,/ a support tool for collaborators from different backgrounds, will launch and demonstrate it at this information event.

Guests and speakers:
Alex Adriaansens, Dick Rijken, Christoph Leitner, Rui Guerra, Michel van Dartel, Anne Nigten
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