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[Nettime-nl] Join the World-Wide-Hug
Rob Schrama on Fri, 29 Feb 2008 21:42:18 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Join the World-Wide-Hug


The Amsterdam artists and organizers of the art event and open source
project QM2KNOW (about Quantum physics and the consciousness) in The
Donkersloot Gallery in Amsterdam want to share a special emotion on a
specific date: on March 11, a World-Wide-Hug will be organized in many
cities all over the world; in Amsterdam, Jerusalem, La Paz, Rome, Hiroshima,
Cologne and also in every other village or town that might join this


We are all part of the collective consciousness, connecting everything with
all. We are able to heal our planet and unite everybody with each other 

in peace and tolerance. So let us demonstrate our unity, showing our
fellow-men that we are all One, no matter what kind of religion, race or

we represent. We are able to love and respect each other.


Every individual person might take the initiative to participate in the
World-Wide-Hug. Just find a central meeting point for a gathering, a church,

community centre, a place with internet access. Then you will call up all
local communities to come together there. The participants might start the

with a meditation and some specific rituals to express the Oneness. At the
end of these sessions everybody will stand up and start to give hugs to each

And if we will do that at the same time and show our hugs by internet to the
other locations, we will achieve a World-Wide-Hug.


The moment of the World-Wide-Hug will be at 10.30 p.m. west European time,
in Amsterdam, Cologne and Rome. Simultaneously this World-Wide-Hug 

will take place in Jerusalem (11.30 p.m.), La Paz  (5.30 p.m.)  and
Hiroshima (6.30 a.m. Wednesday March 12th). 


The World-Wide-Hug is meant to give a world wide attention to the coming Big
Hug in Jerusalem, June 24, 2008 and to our perspective for a united city of

as a City of Peace: a new, undivided Jerusalem, as the capital of Palestine,
Israel and at large. On March 11, Palestinians and Israeli will hug each
other to give 

the example for unity to all of us.


We ask you to contact all your friends in the world in order to join a
World-Wide-Hug in their own city. Please go to the following link and

a free and safe video program. It will make possible that we can show live
images of our hugs to each other. This program is able to expose 

6 locations on your computer screen at the same time, including your own hug
session. There will be 6 hugs to be seen in one time. 

We are trying out this new program and we need your help for testing. 




For installation support: http://www.oovoo.com <http://www.oovoo.com/>   

Once installed we can find each other through email addresses.

If you have still problems to open the program or when you have opened it
successfully, please send a mail to our technical manager 

'Rob van de Griend' rob {AT} expressive.nl  


Coming weekend he will give further support and will register your
connection to our World-Wide-Hug Network. 

We can make some tests shots already as a preparation for the
World-Wide-Hug, on March 11. 


May Peace prevail on Earth


Rob Schrama


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