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[Nettime-nl] over CreativeCrowds
geert lovink on Tue, 25 Mar 2008 17:10:47 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] over CreativeCrowds

(uit Tornado nieuwsbrief)

Crowdsourcing companies secure fresh capital


Crowdsourcing is a term used for initiatives that outsource tasks to a 
generally large public. This can be anything that would normally be 
assigned to an employee. It is always initiated by the customer - 
otherwise it would be open source. Although the phenomenon itself is 
not new, the term crowdsourcing is regularly used in recent years in 
combination with online collaboration through Web 2.0 technologies and 
concepts. Two such companies got funded this week.

CreativeCrowds, a Dutch crowdsourcing company that matches companies 
with communities, raised start-up funding from the Dutch Creative 
Industry Fund. CreativeCrowds is fully committed to crowdsourcing. The 
company developed a platform for crowdsourcing called 
CreativeChallenge. It allows businesses to collaborate with existing 
communities of users. Businesses can gain input from users and improve 
their offering by increasing the understanding of the consumers’ needs. 
Users are actively involved with the development of products and 
services, as well as the client’s brand. Users are also expected to 
create a buzz around the business that will support its marketing 

Another company using the power of communities to enhance its offering 
is CloudMade. The UK-based collaborative mapping company generates, 
distributes, customizes and updates maps. The company sources data from 
OpenStreetMap, a community that are building a crowdsourced map of the 
world. CloudMade offers datasets made from some of the most up to date 
geo-data available. It makes OpenStreetMap data more user-friendly by 
providing a range of hosted services with which data can be used for 
routing, desktop, mobile or web applications. The company secured €2.4 
million in first-round financing from Sunstone Capital. Existing 
shareholders in CloudMade include open source evangelist Nikolaj Nyholm 
and early Skype investor Morten Lund.

Van de website:

Waarom crowdsourcing?

1. Consumer insight. Crowdsourcing brengt consumentenbehoeften en - 
wensen aan het licht. Op een unieke manier: het gaat verder dan 
traditioneel onderzoek.
2. Brand engagement. Crowdsourcing brengt een authentiek imago. Uw 
gebruikers zijn actief met producten, diensten en het merk bezig en 
zullen hierover buzz creeren.
3. Open innovation. Crowdsourcing brengt winstgevende ideeen. Ideeen 
over nieuwe producten en diensten of over verbeteringen. Innovaties met 
zeker succes.

Crowdsourcing loont.


CreativeCrowds heeft een uniek platform voor crowdsourcing. Dit 
platform heet CreativeChallenge. We hebben de visie dat samenwerken met 
bestaande communities meer oplevert dan het bouwen van een eigen 
community: het is sneller, goedkoper en de succeskans is hoger. We 
werken daarom samen met vele communities.

Wij zijn betrokken in elke stap om uw bedrijf beter te maken met 
crowdsourcing. Neem contact met ons voor een offerte op maat.

CreativeCrowds is full service.

Zie ook: http://www.verbeterdebuurt.nl/

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