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[Nettime-nl] Trans_Thinking the City: Architecture in Mind: from bio-pol
Geert Lovink on Thu, 30 Oct 2008 10:41:59 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Trans_Thinking the City: Architecture in Mind: from bio-politics to noo-politics

> Trans_Thinking the City: Architecture in Mind: from bio-politics to  
> noo-politics
> Organized by Warren Neidich and Deborah Hauptmann
> Two-day Colloquium: October 31 & November 1, 2008
> Trans_Thinking the City: Architecture in Mind: from bio-politics to  
> noo-politics
> when
> Two-day Colloquium: October 31 & November 1, 2008
> where
> Delft School of Design (DSD)
> Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology
> Julianalaan 132 [Venue to be announced]
> theme (to be presented and discussed)
> The Social Mind ; Cognitive Capitalism | Deleuze and the Brain |  
> Global Architecture and its Political Masquerades | New Spatial  
> Practices, The World is Flat | Brain and Culture; Brain and Culture  
> | Non Linear Dynamic Systems in the Brain | Readiness Potential |  
> Architecture and Attention | Post-Phenomena and Persuasion
> colloquium participants
> Andreas Angelidakis
> Principal, Angelidakis Studio
> Yann M. Boutang
> Professor in Economy, Compiègene University, France, Director of the  
> journal Multitudes
> Jordan Crandall
> Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Department at University of  
> California, San Diego
> Keller Easterling
> Associate Professor of Architecture, Yale University School of  
> Architecture
> Scott Kelso
> Glenwood and Martha Creech Chair in Science at Florida Atlantic  
> University. Founder and Director of the Center for Complex Systems  
> and Brain Sciences
> Marcus Miessen
> Director of Studio Meissen, London Berlin. Director, AA Winter  
> School Middle East, Visiting Professorship in Shiraz Iran|
> Warren Neidich
> Visiting Artist and Research Fellow Center for Cognition,  
> Computation and Culture, Goldsmiths College London
> John Protevi
> Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
> Department of French Studies, Louisiana State University
> Bruce Wexler
> Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University Medical School,  Director  
> Neurocognitive Research Laboratory, Connecticut Mental Health Center
> Charles Wolfe
> ARC Research Fellow, Unit for History and Philosophy of Science,  
> University of Sydney
> This colloquium is open to the public, to register to attend please  
> send an email to:
> dsd-bk {AT} tudelft.nl <mailto:dsd-bk {AT} tudelft.nl>  - placing 'Register:  
> Trans Thinking: Architecture in Mind' in the subject line
> For further information please visit the DSD website: www.dsd.tudelft.nl 
>  <http://www.dsd.tudelft.nl/>
> delft school of design trans_thinking the city series
> The aim of the Trans_Thinking series is to bring together experts  
> and scholars in both the sciences and the humanities to discuss  
> issues  of relevance to current architecture and urban practices;  
> issues effecting our cities, polis, ethos, communities.  
> Trans_Thinking  is a term employed to indicate a new mode of  
> intellectual activity, thinking as part of mental mechanism brought  
> to bear on emergent fields in both theoretical discourse and  
> practice based activities operating at the margins of what has often  
> been referred to as trans-disciplinarity. As such, Trans_Thinking  
> attempts to think  in the intervals between art, technology,   
> politics, science and philosophy – between the so called empirical  
> and speculative.

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