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[Nettime-nl] *** DFM SUPPORT EVENT - Saturday MAY 9th 2009 - AMSTERDAM *
ANNOUNCER on Wed, 6 May 2009 08:39:42 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] *** DFM SUPPORT EVENT - Saturday MAY 9th 2009 - AMSTERDAM ***

The crew of DFM Radio Television International would love to meet you on location in Amsterdam or that you tune in to the streams, webcams, chats, SL, for the:

*** DFM SUPPORT EVENT - Saturday MAY 9th 2009 - AMSTERDAM ***

         - In benefit of the DFM Media Access Studio in Amsterdam -

Featuring: Tariquat, Dread_Rat, Conosphaera (Decoy), TO3K, Eljo (Mugezond), Peter_D (Discipline), Radioot (De Aanloop), Senzor, Mattheus (Porcupine),
Caiman, OIMA, BCO's Ninah & Das, Hoppaselector, Dubious brothers, more..
Also appearing will be our fan Willem de Ridder who's going to tell a nice story.

Live at Zaal 100 Amsterdam and in Second Life with incoming and outgoing
streams, local and remote performances, chat, webcams, video, more..

More detailed info at: http://dfm.nu/info/news/

PROGRAM START: SAT18:00 CEST (16:00 GMT) (SAT 08:00 SLT)
PROGRAM END: SUN 02:00 CEST (00:00 GMT) (SAT16:00 SLT)



   - ZAAL 100, De Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam (Staatsliedenbuurt)

   - RESONANCE CONCERTHALL, Secondlife (Resonance Sim)

The Amsterdam Studio has been worn down totally and definitally
can do with a good overhaul so we again proudly can invite more
programmakers and guests there (could be you too:)

Online donations can be made, using PayPall, to:
  dfmdonate {AT} gmail.com



24 hours a day, free sounds and programs from all over the world.

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