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[Nettime-nl] "Internationalisation of the Future of Internet Governance"
Ralf Bendrath on Thu, 7 May 2009 09:11:07 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] "Internationalisation of the Future of Internet Governance", 14 May in Delft

Dear colleagues,

we invite you to the next session of the research seminar "Focus on
Internet", led by Milton Mueller, XS4ALL Chair at the Faculty of
Technology, Policy and Management at TU Delft. Please feel free to also
forward this invitation to anybody who might be interested.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Jaffalaan 5, NL-2628BX Delft
room to be announced

The theme for this session is

"Internationalisation of the Future of Internet Governance"

The session will be a roundtable discussion with
* Milton Mueller, (XS4ALL chair for Internet Governance at TU Delft)
* Viktor Mayer-Schönberger (associate professor at the Kennedy School of
Government, Harvard University; currently at the Lee Kwan Yu public
administration school, National University of Singapore)
* Bernard Benhamou (Ministry of Research and Higher Education, France)
* Chair: YJ Park (senior researcher at the section "Economies of
Infrastructures", TU Delft, Faculty for Technology, Policy and Management)

The session will discuss the political challenges of establishing a
legitimate global coordination mechanism for the domain name system
(DNS) and internet protocol (IP) addresses. Issues and forums to be
addressed include the control of ICANN, the WSIS world summits, the
Joint Project Agreement between ICANN and the US government, and the UN
Internet Governance Forum (IGF).

"This session is also part of the 12th Economics of Infrastructures
Conference under the theme "Internationalization of Infrastructures"
that takes place at TU Delft on 14 and 15 May 2009.

For more information, see
<http://www.tbm.tudelft.nl/live/pagina.jsp?id=956e3e14-a827-4737-84b0-4440f64a6b2b&lang=en >"

Attendance to this session is free, but please let me know if you plan
to attend.

If you want to participate in other parts of the conference, please
register at
<http://enquete.tudelft.nl/nq.cfm?r=1804B8A0-1A4B- D1CB-5094-85A8FF256227>

The following conference events may also be of special interest to you:

* Keynote address by Milton Mueller: “Networks and states: assessing
twenty-five years of liberalization and globalization in the
communications sector”, 14 May, 10:00, room A, ground floor

* Workshop "Taking European Union markets to the extreme: implications
for radio frequency management", 14 May, 14:00-15:30, room tba,
with contributions from Walter Kroeze, Head of Public & Regulatory
Affairs (Vodafone, NL), Fokko G. Bos (Ministry of Economic Affairs, The
Netherlands), and Michael Fein (Johnson & Wales University, United States).

Best regards,

Ralf Bendrath

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