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[Nettime-nl] Participate in Script-production contest Netherlands-Mexico
Mara Quast on Mon, 11 May 2009 13:19:50 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Participate in Script-production contest Netherlands-Mexico


The third Mexican film festival Cinemaztlán in Amsterdam 2009 is pleased
to invite Dutch screenwriters to participate in its open call for the
first short film script-production contest.

The contest has the aim of stimulating co-production between Mexico and
the Netherlands, to create a vehicle for intercultural dialogue and
reflect on their cultural relations. For this reason, the script should be
based on: a Mexican story, myth or legend and its transformation in the
21st century, or a relevant intercultural theme between Mexico and the
Netherlands that finds correspondences or parallels.

Scripts can be written in English or Dutch for films with a maximum length
of 10 min. Complete submissions must be sent to contest {AT} cinemaztlan.net
before 30 May 2009.

Dutch participants will make the chance to win:
1)	A script development coaching courtesy of the Binger Filmlab in October
2009 to develop the winning project.
2)	A round trip to Mexico to participate in a creative process with an
awarded Mexican director. Accommodation and travel expenses will be
covered by Cinemaztlán.
3)	The production of your short film by Mexican and a Dutch production
4)	The première screening of your short film at a Cinemaztlán special
presentation in 2010
5)	The promotion of your short film in the international distribution
circuit by the partners of the festival.

This contest is divided in:
1)	An open call for Dutch scriptwriters and film students on their third
and fourth year to develop a short film story based on the transformation
of a Mexican legend.
2)	An open call for Mexican filmmakers to film the winning Dutch script by
submitting a production/director?s proposal. The award for the Mexican
winner will be the same as the section above. He/she will travel to the
Netherlands to work in the post-production process with the Dutch
scriptwriter winner.

Cinemaztlán is proud to work with Pimienta Films in Mexico and Revolver
Media Productions in the Netherlands for the production of the short film
in competition.

Check the complete Netherland-Mexico calendar, the submission forms and
the terms and conditions at www.cinemaztlan.net. There you will also find
sites of interest on Mexico?s rich traditions, myths and legends that can
guide your intercultural quest. For more information and/or questions
regarding the competition please contact: rodrigo {AT} cinemaztlan.net

Take the challenge!, we look forward in receiving your proposals!


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