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[Nettime-nl] [Nictoglobe] Update Nictoglobe issue#2 2009
A. Andreas on Wed, 27 May 2009 17:58:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] [Nictoglobe] Update Nictoglobe issue#2 2009

Update Nictoglobe issue#2 2009


Essay: Vernacular video by Tom Sherman
Bloody Mary: Telephone Prose Poem by Eddie Woods
Augmented realities: New Art Works by A. Andreas
Iconological Collaboration: a collaborative project by The Internet Community
Gedichten van Jonkheer 7: Poetry in Dutch by Judith V.
Burgerwaanzin:  Radio show from Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
broadcasted live and streamed, saturdays between
                               18:00 and 20:00


Gallery d+n+r: new additions among which: Cinematographic scraps, Digital prints by A. Andreas
Edgar Allen & The Poes: to be filled in. Music!

Open Call for works

What is your choice?, Beauty or Freedom?

Individual as well as collaborative trying to answer the question: ‘what is your choice, beauty or freedom?’, results in (art) works which, in some vague, rather incomprehensible way, position themselves somewhere
between these two concepts.

Send your textual or audio-visual works formulating possible scenarios to answer this question

Deadline 31 Aug 2009

Send your submissions to submissions {AT} nictoglobe.com


A. Andreas

A. Andreas

e:	a.andreas {AT} nictoglobe.com
w:	http://www.nictoglobe.com

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