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Joost Heijthuijsen on Fri, 14 Aug 2009 10:51:21 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: [Nettime-nl] Nettime-nl Verzamelmail, Volume 77, Nummer 12

The Incubate Innovation Lecture 2009 which will take place in De NWE Vorst
on Friday September 18th at 2 p.m.

We have the honor to announce that this year's lecture will be held by
Andrew Keen (London, ca. 1960). He is a pioneering Silicon Valley
entrepreneur, founding Audiocafe.com in 1995 and building it into a
well-known first generation Internet music company. Then on a conference of
internet entrepreneurs in 2004, mr. Keen realized that there was a dark side
to the Utopian ideas about democratization of culture shared by the other
participants in the conference. He decided to write a book about this
negative impact of web 2.0 on journalism and culture. The Cult of the
Amateur became an international bestseller and earned mr. Keen the nickname
'The Antichrist of Silicon Valley'. He has written for many other
publications including The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The
London Guardian, Forbes, The Weekly Standard, Prospect, Fast Company and
Entertainment Weekly. Currently he is a columnist for the Daily Telegraph.

In his keynote, mr. Keen will present a follow up to his book: how can
cultural organizations not only arm themselves against the cult of the
amateur, but even use modern technology to their advantage. How can a
museum, a theater or a festival not only maintain its role as a gatekeeper,
but even strengthen it? And what can the artists themselves do to
distinguish themselves in the pandemonium that is the internet?

A few weeks before the lecture De Groene Amsterdammer will publish an essay
by mr. Keen based on his keynote. After mr. Keen's keynote lecture, an
discussion between an international panel of experts from the fields of
arts, economy and politics will take place. The panelists in the discussion
are Konrad Boehmer, Hans Abbing, Amelia Andersdotter and Leyland James

Konrad Boehmer (Berlin, 1941) is an international acclaimed composer, the
director of the Institute of Sonology of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague
and chairman of the board of copyright association Buma/ Stemra.

Hans Abbing (Utrecht, 1946) is an economist, artist and sociologist. He is
professor Emeritus in Art-Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. He
published several books on these subjects, among which Why are Artists Poor?
The Exceptional Economy of the Arts and Van Hoge naar Nieuwe Kunst.

Amelia Andersdotter (Enköping, 1987) holds a Lisbon seat in the European
parliament for the Swedish Pirate Party, that campaigned on a platform of
drastic copyright revision.

James Kirby (Edgeley, 1974) is one of the UK's leading electronic artists.
He gained notierity 'hacking' other artists music under the V/VM alias. At
Incubate 2009, mr. Kirby will perform as The Caretaker. He will also curate
the Putting the Arts back into Darts event, where art students will discuss
issues about copyright, creative commons and original vs. copied works.

The discussion will be moderated by Xandra Schutte, editor-in-chief of De
Groene Amsterdammer magazine.

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   1. Appelsap hiphop,	Oosterpark = Animals & Humans in city parks:
      whose terrain? (Tjebbe van Tijen via Chello)


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Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 23:06:02 +0200
From: Tjebbe van Tijen via Chello <t.tijen {AT} chello.nl>
Subject: [Nettime-nl] Appelsap hiphop,	Oosterpark = Animals & Humans
	in city parks: whose terrain?
To: nettime-nl {AT} nettime.org
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August 10, 2009 by Tjebbe van Tijen in the The Limping Messenger:
How to do a poll on the level of appreciation of animals of human  
loud music festivals in public parks and if needed to take  
appropriate measures? As policy change can be slow, I just designed a  
set of earmuffs for the rabbits of the Amsterdam Oosterpark (as they  
have an extreme sensitive hearing apparatus)

The ?partying nation? Holland will not fail to use any occasion to  
throw a public manifestation of leisurely fun which, since   
ubiquitous cheap electronic sound amplifying devices have become  
available, means lots of noise enhanced by  lots of drinks. One of  
the favorite venues for these undertakings is the Amsterdam  
Oosterpark which recently hosted a festival called ?Appelsap? (apple  
juice) organized by a bunch of  friends, all hip hop afinados, which  
was certainly not non-alcoholic, with Heineken as one of the main  
sponsors. ?THE best) Dutch hiphop-events. In the beautiful Oosterpark  
we take hiphop back to its roots?, reads their web site. Lots of fun  
for sure: out, proud & loud ? but what about  ? the roots of the park  
and what makes up its  innate beauty?


What then,was the idea of having a city park? Bringing nature -in an  
organized human format ? into the city? Giving the experience of a  
garden to those who did not have one? Breathing fresh air? A  
practicing ground for civic behavior? A place to show yourself and   
your family if you were wealthy enough? A way to get some  
understanding of nature ? for alienated city dwellers? Or is all that  
totally out of fashion and should we better think about  a dropping- 
ground for children, a jogging parcours,  a skaters circuit, a music  
esplanade, a juvenile hang-out, a cruising area,  a chill-out spot?  
Is there any possibility to fuse modern city culture with its  
apparent need for loud sounds and mass audiences with an ecological  
attitude that can be branded ?modern? as well?  Can these two  
practices  be reconciled at all? Might it be an idea to get as aware  
of people?s ?noise habits? as we are of  people?s ?drinking habbits??


the fully illustrated and documented version can be read at:


Tjebbe van Tijen

Imaginary Museum Projects

Dramatizing Historical Information
web-blog: The Limping Messenger


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