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[Nettime-nl] Call for artists and projects for Incubate 2010
Joost Heijthuijsen on Thu, 11 Feb 2010 13:11:48 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Call for artists and projects for Incubate 2010

Call for artists and projects for Incubate 2010

 <http://incubate.org> Incubate is the annual celebration of independent
culture in Tilburg, the Netherlands. It is a festival exhibiting a diverse
view on indie culture as a whole, including music, contemporary dance, film
and visual arts. It brings more than 200 cutting edge artists in an intimate
context to an international audience. Black metal next to free jazz. Visual
art next to academic dance. Incubate 2010 takes place from the 12th until
19th of September.

Visitors and artists from all over Europe recognize Incubate as their space.
The discovery is the product. The artist, the visitor, the journalist, the
volunteer and the organization are an integral part of this feeling.
Incubate isn't just a 'festival', it's a community of independent minds, a
spot where curious people meet. It stretches further than the festival
terrain, further than the boundaries of Tilburg. Incubate not only creates a
community through digital media but it also creates a whole new festival

A selection of visual/performance artists that have shown work at Incubate
include: Hermann Nitsch, Negativland, Erik Smith, Peter Beste, Costes,
Franko B, Vaast Colsson, Dennis Tyfus, Merijn Denkers, Renee van Trier,
Micheline Torres, Josine Beugels, Gijs Deddens, Khris Soden, Knitta and
Jaqcueline Steck. A diverse group of artists that work in every discipline
imaginable and vary from the legendary (Nitsch), to the up and coming
(Merijn Denkers). Incubate offers all of them the context in which their
work gets a chance to stand out.

For 2010, the main theme of Incubate is PIRACY. Not in its strict economic
sense, but as a process, not a question but as a given, for artists to work
with and create on. Terms like "original" and "copy" seem to be words of the
past. Due to the economic and legal developments of our society, almost
everything that can be translated into worth or money gets claimed as
property. It's the artists task to explore his art and ideas, without
stepping into this economic pit. This search can show and open up new ways
for the artist. It can make his personal growth deeper and it can develop
his ideas faster. Copyright has been developed to stimulate creation, growth
and the spreading of culture. To again reach this end, a balance must be
found between the availability and distribution on one hand and the desire
of the creator to be acknowledged and rewarded on the other. The PIRACY
project is an investigation in the way the current copyright and
intellectual property rights work, to try and reach a situation of the best
possible creation, development and distribution of ideas and work.
Incubate invites you to participate in this year's theme. If you are a
visual or performance artist, age below 35 and with a keen sense into the
contemporary arts, we ask you to send us your ideas on this theme.

Send us:
-your CV/resume as a .doc or .pdf
-your idea/project/art description - MAX 3 PAGES! - as a .doc or .pdf
-links to your earlier work
-your full contact info

BEFORE FEB 15th. 2010

Via: vincent ATTTT incubate DOTTTT org



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