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[Nettime-nl] openingsparty Kunstvlaai
PLANETART on Sat, 15 May 2010 12:11:06 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] openingsparty Kunstvlaai

Kunstvlaai Opening Party 15 mei 2010
Opening party van de Kunstvlaai at Societeit de Sauna, Kerkstraat 58 Amsterdam, za 15 mei 21h hosted by PLANETART
May 15 22-03+ h 5 euro

DJ Kid Goesting DJ Jean Plastiq
Neverporn Community performance cyber artists from St Petersburg
Open podium for Kunstvlaai artists
Bang-Cock!, Retard-o-tron, and more shortfilms
Female visitors wearing kinky outfit in the style of transhumanism receive 50% discount on the 5 e entrance fee. No discussion, Doorbitch decides.

and please feel welcome to visit our presentations during Kunstvlaai, location Gashouder & location Openbare Verlichting:
The Singularity is Near - Resistance is Futile?

May 15-23 2010 location Gashouder Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

Adri Schokker - Hsien-Yu Cheng - Sonja-Vanessa Schmitz - Virtual Worlds Pixelporn ( mannen denken altijd direct aan hele grote Pixels) - Danja Vasiliev - Via Oral - Paul Klotz - Jaap Lummen - Neverporn Community – Saygin Soher - Avik Kumar Maitra – Pasquale Direse - Arno Coenen: Eurotrash Beer / GOGBOT logo 2010 - Gottfried Haider - David Scheidler – Pyewacket - Frank Theys - Kokofreakbean (installation in De Openbare Verlichting) - more pixelporn art via Second Life flickrshow.

PLANETART presents artistic research related to the concept of the Technological Singularity. This concept concerns the exponential growth of technology today and predicts an explosion of artificial intelligence within decades. The increasing impact of genetics, robotics and nano-technology will contribute to this development and will soon cause a breaking point in human history. PLANETART presents these artistic results in screenings and exhibitions in PLANETART Medialab Artspace in the former Volkskrantbuilding + Kunstvlaai/Artpie and finalizing in the GOGBOT festival Enschede Sept. 9-12 2010

Special Opening Party with the NeverPorn Community in Societeit de Sauna: www.desauna.org


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