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[Nettime-nl] tonight lecture: the populist phenomenon at Schijnheilig /
merijn oudenampsen on Mon, 6 Dec 2010 11:10:48 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] tonight lecture: the populist phenomenon at Schijnheilig / A'dam

Monday 6 December, 20hrs, , Schijnheilig / Amsterdam

the Populist Phenomenon

These last years we have seen an impressive resurgence of populist
movements. Whether it’s the PVV in the Netherlands, the Tea Party in the
United States, or Berlusconi and the Lega Nord in Italy: it is no longer a
marginal phonemenon. Despite the political success of these movements, the
political response is often limited to moral condemnation and political
underestimation. On this night we will look at the strategy and imagery of
right wing populism. The goal is to find ingredients for a possible
counterstrategy of the left.


   - Merijn Oudenampsen (editor of Jaarboek Kritiek and Open Cahier) will
   focus on Wilders and the swing to the right in the Netherlands.
   - Luisa Lorenza Corna (designer connected to the Jan van Eyck Academie in
   Maastricht) will focus on the use of imagery by the Lega Nord in Italy.
   - After a short break, we will continue with a selection of populist
   promotion films, amongst which Sarah Palin figures as Grizzly Mum, Silvio
   Berlusconi is eulogized in karaoke and Jörg Haider stars as super athlete.

This night is being organised on the occasion of the appearance of a theme
issue on populism of Jaarboek Kritiek: http://jaarboekkritiek.blogspot.com/
Location: Schijnheilig, Passeerdersgracht 23, Amsterdam
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