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[Nettime-nl] [Nictoglobe] Digest Nov Dec 2010

For your reading pleasure, Enjoy!

December 19, 2010

A couple of video's, Part II 2007 A. Andreas

Architexture , a compilation movie from "Semantic Disturbances" 2005-2007

Destruction , a compilation movie from "Semantic Disturbances" 2005-2007



December 17, 2010
A couple of video's, Part I 2007 A. Andreas

Burn (Monument for Theo van Gogh) from Andreas Maria Jacobs on Vimeo.

A video showing the public action from the artist Judith V. (Amsterdam NL) after receiving the news that Dutch filmer Theo van Gogh was assassinated
by an extreme islam fundamentalist

I filmed her action and annotated it with my comments.

Human God from Andreas Maria Jacobs on Vimeo.

A short videographic comment on the problematic dichotomie between human
need for salvation and the burden religion imposes on humanity



December 13, 2010
JavaMuseum's netart journal
Celebrate! - celebrating 10 years NetArt

NewMediaFest 2010 - Global Heritage of Digital Culture

This festival project will be finalized on 31 December 2010 and wishes all
its friends and partners all over the world already today "A Merry
Christmas & a Peaceful Happy New Year!"

Feature of the Week 51

JavaMuseum's netart journal Celebrate! celebrating 10 years netart is
proudly presenting this week 7 new exciting netart pieces by:

Panayiotis Payiatis (Greece), Miriam Needoba (Canada), Roderick Coover
(USA), Agam Andreas (NL), Conzalo Cueto (Chile), Stefan Baltensberger (CH)



December 11, 2010
Pre-WikiLeaks Criticism
Pete Seeger in BBC's 'Tonight In Person', 1964



December 7, 2010
Not such wicked leaks
Umberto Eco
Not such wicked leaks 02 December 2010 LibÃration Paris


For the celebrated novelist and intellectual Umberto Eco, the Wikileaks
affair or "Cablegate" not only shows up the hypocrisy that governs
relations between states, citizens and the press, but also presages a
return to more archaic forms of communication.

The WikiLeaks affair has twofold value. On the one hand, it turns out to
be a bogus scandal, a scandal that only appears to be a scandal against
the backdrop of the hypocrisy governing relations between the state, the
citizenry and the press. On the other hand, it heralds a sea change in
international communication â and prefigures a regressive future of
âcrabwiseâ progress.

But letâs take it one step at a time. First off, the WikiLeaks confirm the
fact that every file put together by a secret service (of any nation you
like) is exclusively made up of press clippings. The âextraordinaryâ
American revelations about Berlusconiâs sex habits merely relay what could
already be read for months in any newspaper (except those owned by
Berlusconi himself, needless to say), and the sinister caricature of
Gaddafi has long been the stuff of cabaret farce. Embassies have morphed
into espionage centres ...


December 2, 2010
Fascisme een beschavingsvorm?
Judith V. aka The Frontline Princess

Eerst wanneer het lijden van de mens exclusief is geworden, zo begrijp ik
het, raakt de mens aan het principe van beschaving.

Noodlottigerwijze is derhalve het fascisme een beschavingsvorm, met dit
voor ogen dat objectivering en subjectivering een achterhaalde fase in de behoefte aan 'het wezenlijk goede' is en uitsluiting van het eigen lijden
een prototype schept waarbinnen de grondslag van vernietiging een
kenmerkende 'painkiller' is voor de eigen, te nauwe, schacht van het



November 25, 2010
Italy: Senate, airport, train stations to be occupied
Stop the Country, take back the Future!

Italy - Senate, airport, train stations, cities: students have stopped the
country fighting education reform and the cuts to education!

These are very intense days in Italy: final cuts to the university has
created a huge mobilization all over the country. Tens of universities,
more than 200 schools and even more colleges are going to be occupied this
night: if Parliament is going to approve the education Reform, students
will go on occupying everything. An entire generation is rebelling against
the destruction of the university and the dismantling of research. [...]



November 25, 2010
Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica in danger!
Ritman Library

Dear reader,

please forward this request for the petition.

Express your protest against the dissolution of the Bibliotheca
Philosophica Hermetica (Ritman Library)


http://www.ritmanlibrary.nl/ IS A UNIQUE LIBRARY IN THE WORLD !!!

It is widely known that the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica in
Amsterdam, founded by J.R. Ritman, was in great danger in the 1990s, when the ING bank took possession of the collection and threatened to sell it. Fortunately, the Dutch government intervened: the BPH was put on the list of protected Dutch heritage, and the State eventually acquired over 40% of it. The books remained at the same physical location, integrated with the rest of the collection, and the government would eventually acquire all of it. As part of this process, there were great plans for further expansion.
Largely due to the financial crisis and a change of government this was
taking somewhat longer than originally anticipated, but nobody doubted
that the library was safe.

Last week this turned out to be incorrect. An extremely valuable medieval
manuscript owned by the BPH (The Grail of Rochefoucauld) was put on sale
at Sothebyâs, and this triggered a reaction from the Friesland Bank, which
took possession of the library, that had apparently been brought in as
collateral, in order to get back a 15 million euro loan from mr Ritman. At
present the BPH is closed, and intense negotiations are going on behind
closed doors. It is impossible at this moment to predict the outcome, but there is no doubt that the situation is extremely serious. There is a very real possibility that the Friesland bank will try to sell at least the ca. 60% of the library that is still owned by mr Ritman, and nobody knows what implications this will have for the rest of the collection and the BPH as a whole, including its staff. The brand-new government of the Netherlands
has announced a program of radical financial cuts in the culture section
and elsewhere, which makes a renewed intervention from that side highly

If the Ritman library would go down, this would mean an enormous blow to
international scholarship in hermetic studies. The damage would be
irreversible. By signing this petition you express your concern, and ask
the Dutch government and the Friesland bank to do their utmost to ensure
that the collection will be saved and will remain available for the
international scholarly community.

Additionally, you can express your concern by means of a signed letter.
The initiative for this petition comes from the Center for History of
Hermetic Philosophy and related currents at the University of Amsterdam
(organizationally independent of the BPH, and not in any danger itself),
so please send your letter to its director: Prof. Wouter J. Hanegraaff,
Oude Turfmarkt 141-147, 1012 GC Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



November 19, 2010
REFF RomaEuropa FakeFactory
Salvatore Iaconesi

REFF RomaEuropa FakeFactory is back. A book is coming out in Italy (and an
international version is following soon, before the end of the year)
together with the next step in our action in favor of better innovation
policies and practices for arts and culture. During these days Italy is
living strange times, with a government that is something that could
easily be called a "soft dictatorship" and an extensive crisis scenario
across culture, imaginaries and perspectives. [...]



November 17, 2010
La Resocialiste - Edicion Internacional
A. Andreas 2008 - 2010
Anticensor: Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iS.CaM

Image  La Resocialiste - Edicion Internacional



November 15, 2010
The Essence Of Neoliberalism
Pierre Bourdieu (â2001)
(Former) Professor at the CollÃge de France

As the dominant discourse would have it, the economic world is a pure and
perfect order, implacably unrolling the logic of its predictable
consequences, and prompt to repress all violations by the sanctions that
it inflicts, either automatically or â more unusually â through the
intermediary of its armed extensions, the International Monetary Fund
(IMF) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
and the policies they impose: reducing labour costs, reducing public
expenditures and making work more flexible. Is the dominant discourse
right? What if, in reality, this economic order were no more than the
implementation of a utopia â the utopia of neoliberalism â thus converted
into a political problem? One that, with the aid of the economic theory
that it proclaims, succeeds in conceiving of itself as the scientific
description of reality? [...]



November 6, 2010
The Machine in the Ghost / Static Trapped in Mouths (2010)
Essay by Curt Cloninger



Andreas Maria Jacobs

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