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[Nettime-nl] Job ad - see details! Sent through Search engine
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[Nettime-nl] Job ad - see details! Sent through Search engine


Let me present you one of the largest worldwide enterprises where I work as a manager of HR department.

Our enterprise is inseparably connected with a great number of various activities, like: 
* real estate
* founding and abatement of enterprises
* private undertaking service
* etc.

And our company currently has vacant positions of regional managers in Europe:
- earnings up to 2300 EURO +bonus 
- part-time job
- flextime 

If you are interested in our job offer please submit us your contact details: Melvin {AT} totaljob-eu.com

Be informed! Candidates from Europe are needed only!

Please write your phone number and your name, and our manager will get in contact with you and answer all the queries you might have. 

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