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[Nettime-nl] Job ad - see details! Sent through Search engine
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[Nettime-nl] Job ad - see details! Sent through Search engine


I represent a large multinational firm where I work in the Human Resources department. 

This company can be found in various branches, such as:
- real estate
- founding and abatement of enterprises
- supporting in opening of banking accounts
- etc.

Currently we are searching for partners in Europe:
- rate of salary 2.400 EURO + bonus
- 1 - 2 working hours per day
- flexible working time

If you would like to work with our company, please give us with your contact information so we could be able to contact you: Kathryn {AT} totaljob-eu.com

Be informed! Candidates from Europe are needed only!

Please mention your name and write the phone number. One of our managers will contact you to arrange a prior interview. 

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