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[Nettime-nl] video interview met Geert Lovink over Networks Without a Ca
Geert Lovink on Tue, 28 Jun 2011 16:22:48 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] video interview met Geert Lovink over Networks Without a Cause (Polity Press 2012)


Begin januari komt het boek Networks Without a Cause, A Critique of Social Media door Geert Lovink uit (Polity Press 2012).

Hieronder een korte omschrijving. In het kader van dit boek zijn er een aantal korte video interviews met Geert opgenomen over de volgende onderwerpen

-Critique of Social Media
-Politics of Wikileaks
-Aesthetics of Online Video
-Society of the Query: From Link to Like
-Anonymity, Facebook and Information Overload
-Principles of Net Criticism
Over het boek: With the vast majority of Facebook users caught in a frenzy of friending’, ‘liking’ and ‘commenting’, at what point do we pause to grasp the consequences of our info-saturated lives? What compels us to engage so diligently with social networking systems? Networks Without a Cause examines our collective obsession with identity and self-management coupled with the fragmentation and information overload endemic to contemporary online culture.

With a dearth of theory on the social and cultural ramifications of hugely popular online services, Lovink provides a path- breaking critical analysis of our over-hyped, networked world with case studies on search engines, online video, blogging, digital radio, media activism and the WikiLeaks saga. This book offers a powerful message to media practitioners and theorists: let us collectively unleash our critical capacities to influence technology design and workspaces, otherwise we will disappear into the cloud. Probing but never pessimistic, Lovink draws from his long history in media research to offer a critique of the political structures and conceptual powers embedded in the technologies that shape our daily lives.

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