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[Nettime-nl] call for participation workshop "Social Cities of Tomorrow"
Michiel de Lange on Fri, 23 Dec 2011 12:30:43 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] call for participation workshop "Social Cities of Tomorrow" 14 - 16 February 2012

Beste Nettimers, 

Voorafgaand aan de conferentie "Social Cities of Tomorrow" op 17 Februari 2012 vindt een driedaagse workshop plaats waarin een viertal complexe vraagstukken rond stedelijkheid en nieuwe media centraal staan. Hieronder de call voor participatie.

Hartelijke groet: michiel


* Call for participation workshop âDesigning Social Cities of Tomorrowâ (Amsterdam, 14-16 February 2012) *

Software developers, interface designers, architects and planners, media makers, community organisers, local governments, local entrepreneurs, housing corporations, researchers, activists, and new media artists are invited to participate in the three day workshop // Designing Social Cites of Tomorrow // that precedes the international conference Social Cites of Tomorrow. The goal of the workshop is to explore the innovative design and usage of digital media technologies to make our our cities more social. How can these technologies be engaged to help solve 'real world' urban issues?

During a three-day workshop participants from various professional and national backgrounds collaborate with local stakeholder organisations to address actual urban issues. Stakeholder organisations commission a complex issue that they face and would like to see explored by a heterogeneous group of creative people. These organisations are Amsterdam municipality, economic affairs, housing corporation Trudo in Eindhoven, cultural institute Stroom in Den Haag, and office for architecture and urbanism Temp.architecture in Amsterdam. 

The workshop takes place February 14 â 16 2012 at ARCAM, in Amsterdam The Netherlands. Participants will also be able to make use of prototyping facilities at Fablab Amsterdam.
Public presentation: Thursday February 16, 20:00 at Mediamatic
Deadline submission: December 30 2011, 17:00 CET via workshop {AT} socialcitiesoftomorrow.nl.

The workshop and conference are organized by The Mobile City, Virtueel Platform and Arcam, in partnership with Mediamatic and Waag Society, with financial contribution from Stichting DOEN.

See our website for full case descriptions, background information on the program, and how to apply:


Michiel de Lange
Mobile: +31653201800
Mail: mdelange {AT} bijt.org
Web: http://blog.bijt.org
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mdelange

== Check our new event == 
Social Cities of Tomorrow 14 â 17 Feb. 2012 in Amsterdam www.socialcitiesoftomorrow.nl

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