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[Nettime-nl] Fwd: 28C3_NL: No Nerd Left Behind
Walter Langelaar on Fri, 23 Dec 2011 11:58:20 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] Fwd: 28C3_NL: No Nerd Left Behind

As anticipated last year at 27C3 in Rop Gonggrijp's opening speech, the 28th Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin sold out fast due to the ongoing popularization of hacker culture and related socio-political issues; leaving many out of options to attend this event.
We now are hosting a spin-off version at our new place in Rotterdam, during the same dates so that we can watch and discuss the Berlin programme's video streams, augmented by an alternative sidetrack with local DJ's, a workshop space, some interventionist schemes and other fun stuff that might arise. And for that extra 'CCC-feel' we also invited some friends from back east ;) 
Expect talks, performances and general good times with the likes of Philipp W. Teister, Markus Zimmermann of FutureFluxus, and Moritz Geremus.

This 4-day event runs from Tuesday 27th till Friday 30th of December, and will take place at the new WORM in Rotterdam - Boomgaardstraat 71. It's an entirely self-organized effort, and daily entry fees are donation-based. We run a bar, take care of some food, and make sure the space stays in order - for more elaborate needs you'll find we are nicely situated in Rotterdam's city center (Witte de Withstraat), and if you wanna crash there's several hostels around that we could recommend. Also if you decide to stick around till after the event you might wanna join us at WORM's newyears party as well!

more info and programme updates in coming days via here:


hope to see you there,

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