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[Nettime-nl] Boek-presentatie Alessandro Ludovico, "Post-Digital Print",
Florian Cramer on Fri, 18 May 2012 11:30:42 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Boek-presentatie Alessandro Ludovico, "Post-Digital Print", r'dam, zondag, 17:00

Zondag 20/05/2012
Willem de Koning Academie, ingang Wijnhaven 61, 1e verdieping (cafetaria)

Met Alessandro Ludovico & Florian Cramer

Het kenniscentrum Creating 010 van de Hogeschool Rotterdam
introduceert "Post-Digital Print. The Mutation of Publishing since
1894", een boek dat Alessandro Ludovico tijdens zijn gastonderzoek in
Rotterdam schreef en dat in samenwerking met Onomatopee Eindhoven is
gepubliceerd. De printversie is nog niet klaar, bezoekers krijgen het
PDF op een USB-stick. De presentatie is in het Engels.

In this post-digital age, digital technology is no longer a
revolutionary phenomenon but a normal part of everyday life. The
mutation of music and film into bits and bytes, downloads and streams
is now taken for granted. For the world of book and magazine
publishing however, this transformation has only just begun.

Still, the vision of this transformation is far from new. For more
than a century now, avant-garde artists, activists and technologists
have been anticipating the development of networked and electronic
publishing. Although in hindsight the reports of the death of paper
were greatly exaggerated, electronic publishing has now certainly
become a reality. How will the analog and the digital coexist in the
post-digital age of publishing? How will they transition, mix and
cross over?

In this book, Alessandro Ludovico re-reads the history of media
technology, cultural activism and the avant-garde arts as a prehistory
of cutting through the so-called dichotomy between paper and
electronics. Ludovico is the editor and publisher of Neural, a
magazine for critical digital culture and media arts. For more than
twenty years now, he has been working at the cutting edge (and the
outer fringes) of both print publishing and politically engaged
digital art.

Kenniscentrum Creating 010, Hogeschool Rotterdam

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