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[Nettime-nl] internship Unlike Us #3 at Institute of Network Cultures
margreet riphagen on Sat, 29 Dec 2012 14:41:54 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-nl] internship Unlike Us #3 at Institute of Network Cultures

The Institute of Network Cultures (INC) is a media research centre that actively contributes to the field of network cultures through research, events, publications and online dialogue. The INC was founded in 2004 by media theorist Geert Lovink as part of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). The institute acts as a framework sustaining several research projects, conferences, meetings and publications.

The INC is looking for a research intern with production skills for the Unlike Us #3 event and overall research project.

On March 22nd and 23rd 2013 the Institute of NetworkCultures will organize the event Unlike Us #3. The aim of Unlike Us is to establish a research network of artists, designers, scholars, activists and programmers who work on ‘alternatives in social media’. Unlike Us was founded in July 2011. Through workshops, conferences, online dialogues and publications, Unlike Us intends to both analyze the economic and cultural aspects of dominant social media platforms and to propagate the further development and proliferation of alternative, decentralized social media software.

Unlike Us #1 took place in Limassol, Cyprus on November 23 2011 and was the kick offf event for the Unlike Us network. In March 2012 the second event on ‘alternatives in social media’ was held in Amsterdam, where artists, designers, scholars, activists and programmers gathered.

For more information the Unlike Us network visit: 

For the event to be organized on the 22nd and 23th of Amsterdam INC is looking for a
JUNIOR RESEARCHER (internship), with PRODUCTION skills

We are looking for an enthusiastic, energetic, inquisitive and precise (former) student with knowledge and interests in the field of new media. As the conference has an international scope, active English skills are required, in speaking and writing. You are strong socially and theoretically. The Institute of Network Cultures offers you the possibility for an internship from 3 months till 6 months (starting from January/February on).

Research tasks:

• attend meetings • write literature reviews on subjects related to the Unlike Us research initiative • collect interesting and relevant literature • assist the program committee with writing the program (which will be published on the website and in print) • write contributions for the Unlike Us blog

Production tasks:

• attend meetings • work as part of the organizational team • prepare the congress location • be responsible for registration • assist at developing and executing a communication plan • add and update the program to the blog

The internship will take up more or less 24 hours a week. Please note that it will be less in the beginning of the internship, building up towards a few weeks of full-time work around the actual event.

For further information you can contact Miriam Rasch: miriam {AT} networkcultures.org.

Applications: if you are interested please send your motivation and your CV to miriam {AT} networkcultures.org by the 7th of January 2013.

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