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[Nettime-nl] Invitation to Techno Activism Third Mondays - The Telephone
Douwe Schmidt on Tue, 10 Sep 2013 13:37:46 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Invitation to Techno Activism Third Mondays - The Telephone Edition

Location: ZB 45, Zeeburgerpad 45, Amsterdam, Netherlands
When: 16/09/2013 - 19:00

You are invited to join Techno-Activism Third Mondays (TA3M)! TA3M is an informal meetup for techno-activists, hacktivists and anyone interested in free and open technology. The event takes place in different cities around the globe every third Monday of the month

• Limesco workshop on running your own Asterisk server and get going with their telephony services. If you want to walk out the door with a working SIM card, make sure to bring €7,50 to cover the basic costs.
• Presentation on ZB45; who they are and what you can do.
• Discuss the latest and greatest from the Snowden revelations. (is everything broken now?)
• Your lightning talk
• And let's discuss 30C3 and Noisy Square plans!

TA3M is explicitly informal and open. Meaning that you are invited to hack the process, ask questions, and be critical. You are very welcome to join in if you have something you want to share or discuss.

We invite a diverse crowd from different communities developing or using technology for change. TA3M is an initiative of OpenITP in New York. The TA3M in Amsterdam is organized by Greenhost who, among other stuff, develops RePress, Project Gulliver and SSHARK.

We hope you will join us at TA3M Amsterdam or one of the other TA3M events!

See this page to find a TA3M near you: http://wiki.openitp.org/events:techno-activism_3rd_mondays
Subscribe to the mailinglist: https://lists.openitp.org/mailman/listinfo/ta3m-en
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