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[Nettime-nl] vanmiddag SAYA LGBT over homorechten in Indonesië
robert van boeschoten on Wed, 16 Oct 2013 12:29:28 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] vanmiddag SAYA LGBT over homorechten in Indonesië

Niet alleen in Rusland maar ook elders in de wereld zijn homorechten niet altijd gewaarborgd.

Dear all,

Kosmopolis Institute welcomes summer school graduate and gay rights activist Lingga, an activist in the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta. In a society where religious fundamentalism and weak governance undermines the position of minorities, Lingga is actively advocating rights for LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders), women, sex workers and other groups. On the 16th of October he will share some of his stories. He has experience as community strengthening officer, visual activist, workshop facilitator, advisor for various organisations and protest organizer. He has won an award for his blog and this summer, he published a book on sexuality, aimed at young Indonesian LGBTs.

UvH students, employees and other interested people are invited to come and listen to Lingga's stories on campaigning, dealing with violence and fundamentalists and the way forward.

*Where*: University of Humanistic Studies, room 1.22.

*When*: 16 October 2013, 15:30-17.00h.

The event will be in English! Feel free to forward this email to others who might be interested.

*Bart Mijland*
Program & Network Assistant Kosmopolis Institute
(+31)6 4399 8294 | bm {AT} uvh.nl <mailto:bm {AT} uvh.nl>| www.uvh.nl/kosmopolisinstitute <http://www.uvh.nl/kosmopolisinstitute> | Kromme Nieuwegracht 29, 3512 HD Utrecht, The Netherlands

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