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[Nettime-nl] SuperGlue workshop, 23rd or 24th May 2014, Rotterdam, Nethe
Danja Vasiliev on Tue, 6 May 2014 08:09:45 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] SuperGlue workshop, 23rd or 24th May 2014, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Dear friends and colleagues,

We would like to invite you to take part in an alpha-test workshop for
our current project, SuperGlue http://superglue.it.

The workshops are free and will take place in
*Rotterdam on 23rd and 24th May 2014*
as part of the "Digital Publishing ToolKit" event and DEAF Festival.

Read full web-version: http://superglue.it/workshop-deaf14
or continue here:

*About SuperGlue project*
SuperGlue is an easy-to-use web-based system, which allows you to make
your own websites and run them from a mini-server installed in your
home. What this means is that SuperGlue bypasses dependence on
unnecessary mid-service providers, which cost money and control your data.

Why is this important? Our team of designers, programmers, engineers and
researchers grew up with the Internet and are eager to maintain the DIY
ethos that enabled people to create and publish content themselves,
without restrictions, high costs or gatekeepers. We also believe in
individual choice.

Currently most Internet services are controlled by a handful of
mega-companies. These companies create services, which drive our online
needs and produce new demands. At SuperGlue, we are experimenting to
develop alternatives, which reduce our reliance on such services by
providing you with greater Internet independence.

SuperGlue does this by providing you with a visual web-authoring tool
and mini-server platform that reshapes how you interact with the web.
Our web-authoring tool allows you to create and edit websites directly
in your browser. Furthermore, the SuperGlue mini-server provides full
control of your personal data by enabling you to run and maintain your
server at home. This means you can better protect and share important
data, directly with those whom you want to share it with. So your
privacy is in your hands. SuperGlue also provides the option for you to
work remotely, or in areas with no Internet connection as you create
your own, off-the-grid wireless mini-web. As SuperGlue requires less
processing power than other mainstream, commercial services it also
reduces your computer's energy demand, creating a more environmentally
friendly solution.

* * *

As friends, colleagues, Hotglue users and supporters, we would greatly
appreciate your feedback on the current SuperGlue developments. This is
the first opportunity for us to publicly test the system, which is still
being fine-tuned and will be launched later this year.

Join the SuperGlue development team Danja Vasiliev, Michael Zeder,
Joscha Jaeger and Teresa Dillon for our first alpha-testing workshops.
Prior to the workshop you will be able to collect your pre-configured
mini-server, with instructions. At the workshop participants will
evaluate SuperGlue, provide feedback on its design, implementation and
functionality. Participants will also be taught how to build SuperGlue
websites and shown how to join the SuperGlue community and get involved
with the project.

*Sign-up here* http://superglue.it/workshop-deaf14#join

We will be running two alpha-testing workshops on the 23rd or 24th May.
Each workshop will last four hours and is free.

Workshop 1:
When: Fri, 23rd May, 2014 as part of "Digital Publishing ToolKit"
Where: WORM, Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 Rotterdam, Netherlands
Further info: http://bit.ly/1htrdS0

Workshop 2:
When: Sat, 24th May, 2014 as part of DEAF
Where: Het Nieuwe Instituut Zaal 3
Further info: http://bit.ly/1htriVM

*Sign-up here* http://superglue.it/workshop-deaf14#join

warmest greetings,
Danja Vasiliev

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