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[Nettime-nl] Politics of Craft {AT} V2_ Rotterdam, 24 t/m 29 juni
Florian Cramer on Sat, 21 Jun 2014 22:53:09 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Politics of Craft {AT} V2_ Rotterdam, 24 t/m 29 juni

# Politics of Craft

## project exhibition by Piet Zwart Institute students

* location: V2_,  Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012 XL Rotterdam
* opening: Tuesday, June 24th, 19:00h.
* open: 25 Juneâ29 June, 11:00â18:00h
* closing: Sunday, June 29th, 18:00h:
18:00 soup, 18.30h, lecture by Antoon Theodorus Hageman "De esthetiek van
de technologie van het elektronische apparaat en instrument", 19.30,
performance by Yuri Landman/Bismuth

William Morris' s "News from Nowhere", a key text of the Arts and Crafts
movement, contains a surprisingly up-to-date critique of capitalist
globalisation and the precarious state of artists' labour. It is an
avant-garde text of an otherwise nostalgic movement.

Eleven first-year students of the Master Media Design of the Piet Zwart
Institute in Rotterdam will show their interpretations of "News from
Nowhere" in the form of eleven media projects. The show will be accompanied
with lectures and discussions.

## With work by:

Mihail Bakalov [BG], Caetano Carvalho [BR & NL], Junyu Chen [CN], Ana LuÃsa
Moura [PT], Henk-Jelle de Groot [NL], Lucia Dossin [BR & NL], Max Dovey
[UK], Elleke Hageman [NL], Artyom Kocharyan [AZ & NL], LÃdia Rodrigues [PT]
& Nikolaos Vogiatzis [EL].

## Work summaries:

* Arts & Crafts in its relation to cycles of financial and political
crisis; a documentary installation.
* William Morris' aesthetics translated into 2014 - a mixed-media
installation consisting of wallpaper and an artificial head-wreath.
* Reflection of Eastern craftsmanship in a short documentary installation
on how to draw a perfect circle.
* Social video platform experimenting with the distinction between free and
paid labor.
* On-demand print cakes: you choose a color and a word and get a customized
cake with a snippet of William Morris' text printed on it.
* The Bank of Broken Dreams collects failed projects from crowd-funding
websites. If your creative project failed to meets its funding target, it
can still become printed currency.
* An Immaterial Labor Union that unites the scattered multitude of cultural
agents within participatory culture.
* Machines which are wonders of invention, skill, and patience.

_Politics of Craft_ was developed in a homonymous thematic seminar taught
by Florian Cramer.
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