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nettime-nl: FC: EU eavesdropping on Iridium satellite phone system
Declan McCullagh (by way of Marie-Jose Klaver <klaver {AT} dds.nl>) on Sun, 22 Nov 1998 02:55:14 +0100 (CET)

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nettime-nl: FC: EU eavesdropping on Iridium satellite phone system

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Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 22:08:00 +0100
From: Erich Moechel <erich-moechel {AT} quintessenz.at>
To: Declan McCullagh <declan {AT} well.com>, declan {AT} well.com
Subject: EU eavesdropping on Iridium System

It is really a ghastly paper, we obtained. It is the first ever "Enfopol" 
paper that leaked out from United European Police Working Group. 
Not even the EU's STOA-commission that brought Echelon in2 EU-
Parliament this spring was given the predecessor 2 "Enfopol 98"

The European Surveillance Union

Erich Moechel 20.11.98 

Europol Seeks a Broad Structure for Tapping Mobile 

Austrian officials' appetite for coldly broadening their authority to 
monitor private citizens is in no way a unique case in Europe. 

As a Europol internal document obtained by Telepolis shows, 
massive attempts on the part of European police forces are 
underway to acquire the ability to eavesdrop on the Iridium system, 
currently in a sensitive stage of expansion. 

The document entitled "Enfopol 98" from the group "Police 
Cooperation" dated September 3, 1998, deals with the "observation 
of telecommunications" and primarily addresses the so-called 
satellite-supported personal communication systems (S-PCS), but 
also the Internet. On the recommendation of the European Union, a 
list of points desired by the European police was drawn up as a 
"Draft for a Recommended Resolution" in order to simplify the 
passage of the resolution. The terrestrial gateway stations are to 
provide comprehensive access via Iridium and other Mobile Satellite 
Services (MSS) since they are "collective and simple locations for 
monitoring solutions." 

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