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joanne richardson on Mon, 3 Sep 2001 21:32:52 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] ASU2 ASU2 ASU2


a rt/alt/act
s ervers/streamers/spaces    
u n l i m i t e d

meeting/festival with hands-on workshops, demos,
training,presentations, discussions, public
performaces, webcasts... of non-profit cultural

time :           September, 08th - 15th  2001.

location :       KUC "Lamparna"
                 Rudarska 1.
                 52220 Labin

organisers :      	
LABinary (HR) www.LABinary.org
Joanne Richardson & Nina Czegledy

co-organisers :  	
Ljudmila (SI) www.ljudmila.org
pro.ba (BA) www.pro.ba
Multimedia Institute mi2 (HR) mama.mi2.hr

partners :       	
Croatian & Slovenian Linux User Groups
CARNet - Croatian Academic & Research Network

contact :        	
Zeljko Blace - zblace {AT} alu.hr &
Joanne Richardson - subsol2001 {AT} yahoo.com

The first ASU, Art Servers Unlimited, was organized by
Manu Luksch & Armin Medosch on the summer weekend of
1998, in London's  New MediaCentre, Backspace and ICA,
as a forum in which over 50 participants from European
countries gathered to analyze models, compare
histories and agendas, and exchange experience of what
were loosely named "art servers". 
ASU was a bottom-up set of initiatives to support the
blend of creative/experimental/artistic/ critical use
of the net  which included providing internet access,
bursaries, workspace, meeting, presentation. 

ASU2 is a meeting, workshop and festival bringing
together pioneers of autonomous art servers,
independent media, and emergent media spaces/labs. 
It is a collaborative union of what were initially
conceived as two independent projects, 
Art Servers Unlimited and Art Spaces Unlimited.

In the context of the recent trend towards
unconditional commercialization of Croatian net space,
LABinary decided to initiate a second Art Servers
Unlimited gathering in order to disseminate
alternative ideas of cyber production and distribution
locally.  A number of projects (web portals,
net.radio, independent media, …) whose work is crucial
to the development of internet specific structures,
hybrid-hyper-media and network distributed productions
have been invited to present and discuss their work. 
The second Art Servers Unlimited is planned as a
meeting of projects from the most active fields of
independent non-profit web production:
        .art - net.art,
        .alt - alternative technologies &
        .act - activist media.

Art Spaces Unlimited was originally planned as a
separate event by Joanne Richardson and Nina Czegledy,
as a workshop of new autonomous spaces for developing
future networks: collaborations on organizing joint
events, group applications for  funding and sharing of
resources, and establishing information lists and
sites.  Many independent art spaces in East-Central
Europe, including technologically sophisticated media
labs, still rely on the monopoly of commercial net
space and technologies for disseminating material and
facilitating networks. The idea to combine Art Servers
Unlimited and Art Spaces Unlimited into a single event
prang from the current need to extend the activities
of self-organized art spaces toward developing their
own servers and web production, and, simultaneously,
from the desire to provide existing art servers with
links to local initiatives that could provide content
as well as the possibility to collaborate by hosting

The first Art Servers Unlimited was a meeting of a
technologically sophisticated but closed culture of
art servers. ASU2 is extended to those who are not
already "experts" in order to expand the field beyond
its present boundaries. The goal is begin building a
comprehensive infrastructure necessary for an
autonomous culture to possesses its own spaces,
networks, and technologies—and to control its own

The immediate and long-term objectives of ASU2 are:
-to present institutions, projects, and initiatives
that creatively use new technologies for media
production, content distribution, and archiving
-to discuss and reflect on different models and
strategies for developing cultural production,
independently of state institutions and commercial
-to offer training in cultural management,
organization, and funding for newly established NGO's,
and to extend the technical capabilities of media
centers through workshops on web servers, streaming
technologies, media production and distribution,
content managment systems, and community based
- to establish a permanent exchange of practical
skills, knowledge, and experiences in a wider European
context by initiating a new listserv for organising
annual meetings that can connect local initiatives
with already existing networks from other regions of
Europe (ECB, NICE, Interfund...) 
- to establish a network of non-commercial content
providers in the fields of art, alternative technology
and autonomus media that would produce and distribute
content and  share resources and knowledge 

www.labinary.org & browse.mi.cz/asu

Program and list of participants to follow ...

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