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[Nettime-ro] Fw: H8fulworld meets Bucharest
irina on Tue, 4 Sep 2001 13:58:29 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Fw: H8fulworld meets Bucharest

In 29 Septembrie in cadrul festivalului Medi {AT} terra va avea loc un
webperformance coordonat de CIAC pentru participarea romaneasca.
Artistii interesati sa participe sunt invitati sa ia legatura cu CIAC!!!

Please find here attached a text by Anne Roquigny about the web performance
H8fulworld proposed to take place on September 29 in Maribor and on the

Our ideal way of organizing this performance would be: 8 net artists from 8
different countries performing at the same time, creating 8 different
real-space events. For that, I count very much on your contribution in order
to organize this event in Romania also.

Bucharest to be one of the cities cooperating in this organizing of a web
performance would be at least a step towards inter-connecting our centers
and parteners [aiming at getting you more and more
involved-that's what I'm up to ..].

H8fulworld: The unbearable modernity of slavery

The CICV Pierre Shaeffer and www.next-movies.com present in the framework of
Medi {AT} terra
"H8fulworld", a web performance, simultaneously live in Maribor, Slovenia
and other sites, on September 29, date of the opening of the microMuseum in
Maribor. "H8fulworld" is a performance on the theme of modern slavery.

For 45 mn, artists from different countries participating in Medi {AT} terra
Festival will demonstrate to denounce everyday domination and exploitation
of individuals who are no longer in control of their destiny, actions, body
or thoughts.

This artistic performance on the web will be in the form of a virtual
digital fresco. Following a specific line of action, some written and visual
contributions are sent from the different countries, giving rhythm to create
and animate in real time the work of art in its making.

Every 3 minutes artists put forward their own point of view and commitment
defined by a specific framework of 15 keywords.

The 15 key words are:
1 - a word
2 - a place
3 - a face
4 - an object
5 - a trademark
6 - a gesture
7 - a country
8 - a colour
9 - an animal
10 - a symbol
11 - a part of the body
12- a number
13 - a work of art
14 - a weapon
15 - a free action

>From a technical point of view the operation will be piloted by the CICV
team to be present in Maribor as well as at the CICV in France. Each
participant is invited to connect to the www.ivisit.fr server, a private
virtual space allowing each participant to join in and webcast his own
images. Thanks to a capture software, the 8 zones appearing on the same
screen are recuperated and sent on the web page enabling spectators on the
internet to visualise the different actions and hear the live D.J. set in
An appointment for a technical rehearsal will be organised in early

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