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[Nettime-ro] call for participants - "The One World Festival"
Oana Mateescu on Wed, 31 Oct 2001 13:10:03 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] call for participants - "The One World Festival"

The People in Need Foundation is announcing the call for participants for
The One World Festival.
The festival is designed to be a meeting ground for TV professionals,
independent producers and filmmakers from EU countries and their
counterparts in Central and South-eastern Europe. 
The Festival will take place in Prague, the Czech Republic, April 10th -
April 18th, 2002. The official languages of the festival are Czech and

The aim of the One World festival is:
	*	To foster understanding among various cultures;
	*	To promote the idea of global responsibility;
	*	To advance public awareness of international affairs;
	*	To express concerns over human rights violations.

The Festival consists of: 
	*	An international competition of films and videos
(documentary only);
	*	Show-cases;
	*	Meetings and debates;
	*	Concerts;
	*	Photo exhibitions;
	*	Multimedia and Internet events;
	*	Press conferences and other happenings.

Competition films are eligible for the Best Film Award, the Best Director
Award, the 
Special Ecce Homo Award, and the Audience Award.

If interested in submitting a piece to the One World Festival, please read
the Rules and Regulations and send a completed entry form and VHS preview
cassette to the following address: People in Need Foundation, Czech TV,
Kavci Hory, 140 70, Prague 4, Czech Republic. Preview formats: VHS (PAL,
SECAM, NTSC). Presentation formats: 35mm, 16mm, BETA-cam. 

The deadline for submissions is the end of November. The Entry Form, the
Rules and Regulations, all the details and important dates can be find out
from our web site www.oneworld.cz <http://www.oneworld.cz/>, which also
offers a unique d-base with more than 400 documentary titles submitted for
the programme selection. You may also call (420.2.) 41011551, fax (420.2.)
41011559, or email: mail {AT} oneworld.cz <mailto:mail {AT} oneworld.cz>,
lukas.laichter {AT} oneworld.cz <mailto:lukas.laichter {AT} oneworld.cz> - we would
prefer to stay in touch by e-mail if possible for you.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and genuinely look forward to
your co-operation.

	CONCEPT Foundation
	14, Pictor Constantin Stahi Str.
	Sector 1, 707642
	Bucharest, ROMANIA
	tel.  + 40-1-311 12 52 / +40-1-313 78 72
	fax. + 40-1-311 12 53
	general email:   info {AT} concept.osf.ro
	web address:    http://www.concept.ro

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