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[Nettime-ro] Fw: ELIA Good practice 2
Pro Helvetia Bucuresti on Wed, 31 Oct 2001 14:57:03 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] Fw: ELIA Good practice 2

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From: Maria de Marcos <MARIA {AT} elia.ahk.nl>
Date: Friday, October 26, 2001 10:12 AM
Subject: ELIA Good practice 2

‘Where else should artists be than in the community’
Examples of good practice in Central and Eastern Europe
An ELIA project in co-operation with the European Cultural Foundation

File attached: project description (A5). Please distribute this call as widely as possible.

This project aims to compile case studies that illustrate the ways in which individual artist and higher arts education institutions are devising creative, participatory processes, projects and performances which have a resonance with today’s social, educational and cultural needs.
The project focuses on Central and Eastern European countries and embraces all art disciplines.

 *community development
 *civil society and social inclusion
 *regeneration projects within urban or regional settings
 *individual artists working in a social context
 *art in public spaces
 *projects in a specific pedagogical context
 *new sources of income and SMEs in the arts

What would we like to know about the projects?
*What's the project about?
*History (why this project; aims; starting and end dates, institutional framework, funding)
*Activities undertaken
*Outcomes and products
*Lessons learnt
*Contact details

The results will be launched in the ELIA website in June 2002. Please contact us if you wish your activities to be part of the case studies or if you know about a project that could be included. We can provide you with a sample questionnaire. You can send in digital pictures, etc, to illustrate your presentation on the site.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Maria de Marcos
ELIA project co-ordinator

ELIA Secretariat
Waterlooplein 219
1011 PG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel: +31 20 620 39 36
fax: +31 20 620 56 16
email: elia {AT} elia.ahk.nl

Visit the ELIA WWW site:
database: http://www.elia.ahk.nl/database/index.html
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