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[Nettime-ro] Fw: invitation
Irina Cios on Fri, 1 Feb 2002 16:32:03 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] Fw: invitation

> www.soundtoys.net
> Call  for  works.Festival and exhibition.
> (1) FOR THE ONLINE GALLERY - audio visual work by artists using the
> internet as a medium.
> We are looking for works that explore the use of technology to
> advance audio visual communication. Works may take the form of art
> toys,  generative music, interactive environments, or similar. We are
> interested in the use of all internet friendly
> programming technologies eg shockwave, flash, vrml, java etc.
> Soundtoys  are being asked to present  the  works offline  at
> festivals.  If  you want to take part send  in  audio visual works
> and interactive art pieces. These must be finished projects, send
> work in by cdrom.
> (3) CALL  FOR  PAPERS  AND  TEXTS - texts by artists, writers,
> programers, researchers, relating to new media.
> The Soundtoys journal area has set out to address the following themes.
> 1. history of interactivity, towards convergence
> 2. generative arts...the art of code. software art generative  music
> 3. toys or serious art. aesthetic and philosophy of  new  media.
> 4. culture versus commercial applications.
> 5. audio visual synthesis.
> 6. software for new artistic environments
> 7. interactivity,technology , networks
> 8. net art and new media
> New  festivals and presentation  of  audio visual interactive
> works....net  art,  webdesign,  multimedia,  essays.
> If  you  work  in  this  area  we  would  like  to  hear  from you.
> As well as providing a permanent online home for the content at
> Soundtoys will be taking part and linking with other festivals worldwide.
> Zip up your work and send some info about it. Don't forget to include
> relevant details.ie your name, project title, year created, brief
> bio, info about the work, and also send the work. If  you  files  are
> too big  but  you  would  like  it  presented  at festival  send  in
> a cdrom  version.
> Application form  online.
> web  and  info... ....     http://www.soundtoys.net
> email  .......... .....       info {AT} soundtoys.net

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