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[Nettime-ro] playwrights workshop
Oana Mateescu on Tue, 12 Feb 2002 09:19:08 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] playwrights workshop

Open Competition for Playwrights Workshop 2002

Children's Theatre Centre - Skopje organises the Third Playwrights Workshop
for children plays in Ohrid, Macedonia.

The workshop has two sessions one between 10 - 17 of March 2002 and second
one will be in June 2002

Marie Persson Hedenius a dramaturge at the Uppsala City Theatre and a
Teacher of dramaturgy at the Drama Institute of Sweden will be the mentor of
the workshop. 

The workshop has as its primary goal to stimulate the development of modern
plays for children that will deal with issues from the everyday life of the

The March session is used to put up the basic structures of the plays under
the mentorship of Marie Persson Hedenius. Until the June session the writers
will write on their own developing their plays independently. In the June
session, also under the mentorship of Marie Persson Hedenius, the writers
will finish their plays.

The best plays will be published by CTC and produced by CTC or co-produced
with a theatre from the country of the author. 
Maximum 7 participants will attend the workshop. It is preferable that the
writers have had a previous experience in writing plays.

The competition is open until February 28, 2002.
The candidates must submit the following information:
*	Curriculum Vitae
*	Motivation letter
*	Clips of previous work (it can be any written genre)
*	Address, telephone, e-mail 

The materials can be send by e-mail on ctc {AT} sonet.com.mk under the subject:
"Playwrights Workshop Competition 2002" or by mail at:

Detski Teatarski Centar 
Vtora Makedonska Brigada, 
komplex Treska, kan. 23, 
1000 Skopje

"For Playwrights Workshop Competition"

or by fax at +389 2 63 24 24
"For CTC/ Playwrights Workshop Competition"

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