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[Nettime-ro] festival of modern plastic and pantomime
Oana Mateescu on Tue, 12 Feb 2002 09:21:03 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] festival of modern plastic and pantomime


Name of the festival:	Festival of modern plastic arts and pantomime "
Mimolet 2002" 

Director:Valery Shevtchenko an actor, mime and producer of Pantomime
e-mail: valleri {AT} pisem.net 

Executive Producer: Lohova Julia tel. (+7 - 395-2) 33-33-22, 
e-mail: jula_l {AT} pisem.net 

Contact person, translator: Anna Zhukova (+7 - 395-2) 59-82-75, 
e-mail: anna_zhukova {AT} chat.ru 

Dates: 30th of August - 8th of September 2002
Place of  holding: the festival will take place in the Siberian town
Irkutsk, which is situated not far from the deepest, the most beautiful and
the pure lake in the world Baikal.
The festival is held under the aegis of the Russian Center of Pantomime
under the directorship of professor I. Rutberg, of Moscow and with a
participation of Irkutsk Local Authorities. 

Foreign participants:
Mauring Fliemeng (New York), Loran Decole (Paris), Stefan le Forestier
(Paris) and Mongolia theatre of pantomime. They have received support from
their respective Embassies.

Genre: We invite the best actors of pantomime, clowns and modern dancers
from your country and abroad (2-3 in number, maximum 5).

Preliminary program:

30.08.02 - 	opening ceremony, carnival procession, realization of
created projects during 
		the action "Art city", gala-concert
31.08-7.09.02-	trainings, video-shows, competitive plays, daily
performances in Central Park,  evening performances on open stages,
				art-management seminar (3-6.09)
		performances in children's home, boarding schools,
		trip to the lake Baikal
08.09.02 - 	closing ceremony, gala-concert

Covered expenses: transport expenses during the festival, as well as meals
and accomodation, will be covered by the organizing committee. 

Not covered expenses: The roundtrip ticket to Irkutsk and fee will be at the
expense of the Embassy or other funding association.

Those interested in participation should send an application form by e-mail
or mail by the 1st of April 2002 to the foregoing addresses:

e-mail: jula_l {AT} pisem.net 
e-mail: anna_zhukova {AT} chat.ru 

Regular address: 664040 Russia Irkutsk ul. Baumana - 184 fl. 69 Julia Lohova
(please send parcels as registrated letters)

Please do not hesitate to call us at (+7 - 395-2)-59-82-75 (Anna - English
spoken person), 
				       (+7 - 395-2) 33-33-22 (Julia)  
fax us at (+7-395-2) 43-23-22

Web site: www.mimolet.irk.ru 

Best regards.
Lohova Julia, executive producer

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