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[Nettime-ro] internship with the European Association of Conservatoires
Oana Mateescu on Tue, 12 Feb 2002 10:00:08 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] internship with the European Association of Conservatoires



Name and address of the organisation
Name of the organisation:	Association Européenne des Conservatoires,
Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen (AEC) 
Address:	PO Box 805, 3500 AV Utrecht, the Netherlands
Telephone / fax:	+ 31.30.2361242 / + 31.30.2361290
Email / website:	aecinfo {AT} info.org <mailto:aecinfo {AT} info.org> /
www.aecinfo.org <http://www.aecinfo.org>  
Contact person:	Martin Prchal, Chief Executive AEC

Short description of the organisation
The AEC is a small, but dynamic European cultural network with the objective
to support professional music training in Europe through the organisation of
European projects, congresses and seminars, exchanges, research and by
representing the interests of its members on European, national and
international level. The Association, founded in 1953, has approximately 170
member institutions (music conservatoires) in 37 countries in and outside
Europe. The AEC Office has recently been established in Utrecht, the
Netherlands, sharing a building in the historic city centre with several
other cultural organisations. 
Each year the AEC organises a Congress and General Assembly in a different
European country (2001 the Netherlands, 2002 Lithuania, 2003 Germany, etc),
with the aim to discuss relevant subjects in the field of professional music
training in Europe and to exchange information. For certain subjects the AEC
has established international working groups, which meet regularly to
exchange information and engage in research on European level, often
supported by the European Union.

Description of the internship
An internship with the AEC can consist of one or more of the following
*	Organisation: the organisation of meetings, seminars and conferences
in various countries in Europe 
*	Office tasks: being part of the AEC Office and therefore
contributing to the day-to-day running of the organisation.
*	Research: to gather information about various topics in the field of
professional music training in Europe. Examples of these topics are:
quantitative and qualitative research on mobility of teachers and students
in professional music training in Europe, examples of good practice of
collaboration on a European level between conservatoires, cultural diversity
in music education, educational systems for music education in Europe, the
connection between training and the profession, etc.

This internship is highly suitable for students in cultural management
courses, wanting to have experience in working in a cultural organisation on
European level and in working with European funding programmes in education
and culture. Passive and active knowledge of English is required, knowledge
of French, German or Spanish is recommended.

Other information
Candidates can contact the AEC directly by sending a short CV and
motivation. The internship can start at any given moment of the academic
year. Length of the internship and internship fees are to be discussed.

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