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Alexandru Patatics on Thu, 21 Feb 2002 20:24:06 +0100 (CET)

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"Dreamcatcher", International Video Art and Short Films Festival
announces call for participation in its 5th year competition program.

Dates of the festival: September 6-9th , 2002
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Dreamcatcher festival emerged in Kiev, Ukraine in 1998 with the aim to
artistic environment
for experiment and investigation in screen media, which would expand the
aesthetic and narrative parameters of traditional film and video. It
started as low-budget one-night open-air competition screening and by
2000 developed to important 3 days international event, at which
different technologies, genres, media and cultural groups can meet. In
2001 Dreamcatcher competition in video art and short film featured about
60 works from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia,
Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Austria,
Israel.  Each year the festival also presents a broad off-competition
program with critical focus that features the latest tendencies in the
moving image art - from new electronic technologies to low-budget
strategies in artistic production - through exhibitions and symposium,
as well as special presentations by international artists, festivals,
curators, and critics.

Specific requirements and conditions:

- deadline for submissions July 1st , 2002
- short works created between 2000-2002
- preview format VHS
- complete application forms
- the tapes are not mailed back to the applicants
- the organizers do not carry responsibility for the tapes lost during
mailing, late or damaged mail

The works are selected for screening by the festival committee. The
applicants will be notified on
selection by August 15th, 2002.

Competition is subdivided to nominations "video art" and "short film", and
is judged by international
jury that is each year different.


Postal address:

Nadya Prigodich, Olya Zhuk
RA Gallery, vul. B. Khmelnitskogo 32, Kiev 01030, Ukraine

e-mail: rustik {AT} i.com.ua , prigodich {AT} svitonline.com

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