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[Nettime-ro] Performances on MNN, Monday, Feb. 25th
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[Nettime-ro] Performances on MNN, Monday, Feb. 25th

>From the Location One archives:

Watch Channel 67 (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) this 
Monday (February 25th) at 9:00PM for a broadcast performance 

Earl Howard and Mari Kimura

(Originally presented Saturday, May 19th 2001 at Location One as part
of our spring music series Wake The Dead)

**Read below for bios on these wonderfully accomplished collaborators 
or check out www.location1.org/artists/wtd_howard_kimura.html **

Mari Kimura

Branching out from a traditional violin repertoire, Ms. Kimura 
embraces the worlds of extended violin technique and interactive 
computer music.  In 1995, Ms. Kimura was awarded the Kenzo Nakajima 
Music Prize, a prestigious honor in recognition of extraordinary 
creative activities in her native Japan.  She has performed her own 
work in festivals and concerts in over 17 countries including the 
Spring in Budapest Festival, the Musiana Festival in Denmark, 
Festival Callejon del Ruido in Mexico, and the International 
Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA) in Helsinki and Rotterdam.  She 
has also gained international renown as an accomplished improviser 
touring with leading artists including Henry Kaiser, Robert Dick, Jim 
O'Rourke, and Elliott Sharp.  As a composer, Ms. Kimura's most recent 
commission was the ICMC 2001 award to write a new work for violin, 
Cuban percussion and electronics, which will premiere in Havana, Cuba 
this September.  Ms. Kimura holds a doctorate in performance from 
Juilliard, and has taught and presented lectures in universities and 
conservatories throughout the world.

Earl Howard

Earl Howard's method of creating orchestrated sounds with 
electronics, adding live, improvisational performance, creates 
unique, densely layered compositions that have been widely performed 
to enthusiastic audiences. Howard's personal vision translates itself 
to the ensemble situation so effectively that even the sense of 
spontaneity is retained, though the material is clearly composed. 
Howard graduated from California Institute of the Arts in 1974 and 
has been performing his compositions in the United States and Europe 
for the past thirty years. His most recent compositions have been 
music for live electronics, electronic tape music, and instruments - 
including Pancho Via's Spoon, and Episteme Ensemble which premiered 
at Merkin Hall in New York City, and Abondigas Soup performed at The 
Royal Conservatory in Den Hague, Holland. He has received commissions 
and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New 
York Foundation on the Arts, and The Parabola Arts Foundation. A 
virtuoso saxophonist, Howard has developed an extended repertoire for 
this instrument including Cinco Centavos for solo saxophone and Naked 
Charm for saxophone and tape which was performed at the New Music 
America festival in Hartford, Connecticut.  Amongst a community of 
brilliant musicians, Howard has performed and recorded with Anthony 
Davis, and Gerry Hemingway; and done improvisational work with Georg 
Graewe, Ned Rothenberg, Mari Kimura, Mark Dresser, Yuko Fujiyama, 
Evan Parker and John Zorn.  He has produced numerous soundtracks for 
some of the leading film and video artists including Nam June Paik, 
Mary Lucier, Rii Kanzaki, Bob Harris, and Bill Brand.

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