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[Nettime-ro] OPEN ARCH at BüroFriedrich"PRINT IT!"
BüroFriedrich on Sat, 12 Jul 2003 11:19:06 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] OPEN ARCH at BüroFriedrich"PRINT IT!"

Title: OPEN ARCH at BüroFriedrich "PRINT IT!"
OPEN ARCH at BüroFriedrich

magazine week

17.-19. July 2003
Saturday, July 19, 2003 starting at 6p.m. Evening event: Discussion, BBQ and Brychcy Bar

Open Arch BüroFriedrich presents a month-long series of summer shows, which invite artists and designers from the respective fields of architecture, publications, art and fashion to make use of the exhibition space for a 5-day period. The individual segments are not exhibitions in the traditional sense. Instead groups of artists and designers present projects which encourage interaction and participation on the part of the public. In conjunction with a series of talks, the program intends to generate active communication between the viewers and artist-producers. In some cases, projects will actually require and depend on the participation of exhibition visitors. The core idea is to create a communicative space, in which the viewer is actively engaged.

In the second week of the 'OPEN ARCH at BüroFriedrich' series publishers from Berlin and Amsterdam will present their magazines over the course of three days. At different times throughout the exhibition authors, editors, graphic designers and invited guests will be at BüroFriedrich, in order to introduce their magazines in person or through videos, performances, installations and events.
Viewers are given the opportunity to take part in these events, gain insight into the working processes and concepts behind each of the differently positioned magazines and meet the representatives from the exhibiting journals. Some of the magazines are new this year; others have been in existence for a long time. Emphasis is placed both on the visual appearance and content of the publications. The magazines focus on the fields of art, culture, politics and photography and have an interdisciplinary approach.

'Neue Review' is dedicated to art criticism. Articles are never written by one person alone. For each edition specific guidelines are established, which make the magazine a conceptual work in its own right. 'Neue Review' gives viewers the opportunity to contribute to the next issue by submitting their critiques of visited exhibitions at a specially designed workplace. Viewer entries will be published in the next issue.
The visitor can actively participate.

offers an exchange specially created for OPEN ARCH at BüroFriedrich, namely "Trading Pop for Classics". Each visitor can bring in an old pop CD and trade it on-site for a new CD with classical music. Viewers can listen to the available CDs in advance. The pop CDs will then be recycled into a new composition by a composer / artist to be named during the exhibition. The visitor can actively participate.

'Peace etc.'
is the second edition of a series planned by its publishers. With its newspaper format the magazine includes articles ranging from critical assessments, theories and opinions by various international authors.

The Berlin art magazine '032c' always addresses a different theme, which is reflected in both illustrations and theoretical content of each issue. For example, the fifth issue is dedicated to 'Shanghai Desire'

'babel' is a photo journal "trying to navigate as close to the collective unconscious as possible and determine the position of reality in photography"

'Classix' is a magazine in the format of a flyer, which aims to inform a younger readership about classical music.

'Catalogue' is based in Amsterdam and appears every four months. Catalogue was founded as a private initiative, in order to address specific issues in the field of art and culture through writings, critiques, graphic design, commentary, photography and illustration. Each edition is designed by a different artist.

Based in Amsterdam 'Re-Magazine' is a journal for lifestyle, art and culture. Re-magazine presents issue no. 10  Claudia. Claudia is an extraordinary woman from Berlin. With her overwhelming height of 1.98 m, she's simply too big for this world.

'BUTT fagazine' is an international faggot magazine for interesting homosexuals and the men who love them.
our program:

Ross Birrell - Envoy  (continued)
20.05. - 02.08.2003

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12am - 6pm

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