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[Nettime-ro] Ceva interesant
Cosmin Gradinaru on Wed, 16 Jul 2003 02:29:16 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Ceva interesant


COLORS is looking into creating a "Hot List" of new places to distribute its
magazine other than the typical newsstand. We need to get out to different
places so people see us. New places, like art gallery bookstores, have
recently become accessible for the distribution of magazines. COLORS wants
to reach out to new readers using these venues. All of our contributors are
proposing places in their own cities that match the sophisticated profile
and international appeal of our readers.

To give you an idea of what we are looking for we have provided a list of
places in London where we would like to see the magazine being sold. Using
this list as an example, weıd like you to find similar places in your own
cities. Some examples of where we would like to sell COLORS are art museums
and specialist bookstores. Each city is understandably different and will
produce different results. For example, in London, independent record stores
do not ordinarily sell magazines, but go to Barcelona or Paris and these are
some of the best places to find exclusive magazines.

Also, think about places where you can picture people - those with money to
buy COLORS - enjoying it and perhaps mentioning it to their friends. They
donıt need to be up-market places, but could be liberal, committed, media or
design oriented establishments. Feel free to come up with any other ideas,
including places or events where we would send copies not for sale but as
reading material. Hotels, cafes, design schools and hairdressers are some
ideas. The more names we put on our "Hot List" the more coverage we are
likely to gain, so donıt hesitate with any ideas. Divide your list in two
parts: 1) Places to sell and 2) Places to give away.

Once you have a list of several places we need you to send us the name and a
short description of each place, a telephone number and an address. This
will lay the groundwork for us to contact these places and so send them

Your contributions will be greatly appreciated and we look forward to get
more exposure for the magazine we all work so hard for.

PLEASE SEND YOUR SUGGESTIONS BY: July 30th, 2003. We would like to send out
COLORS 57: Slums, so the sooner the better. Please send all feedback to
Marco Casati at street {AT} colors.it, tel. +39 0422 516329.


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