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[Nettime-ro] Art and innovation conference in October
NOPCSA on Mon, 28 Jul 2003 19:46:10 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Art and innovation conference in October

I thought that the following press release may present some interest for the members of the list.

The Foundation for the Advancement of Art
1332 Monterey Blvd. NE
St. Petersburg, Florida 33704
Tel: 727-823-2505 Fax: 727-894-5911
Web Site: www.ArtAdvancement.org <http://www.ArtAdvancement.org/>

Fall Conference
Innovation, Substance, Vision: the Future of Art

For Immediate Release

For more information:
Michael Newberry, 727-823-2505

The Foundation for the Advancement of Art is having its first conference,
Innovation, Substance, Vision: the Future of Art, at the Pierre Hotel in New
York City, October 6th, 2003.

The Foundation is an aesthetic think tank that is exploring radical and
refreshing views on the nature of art and its purpose in human life. For
this conference it is bringing together philosophers, artists, and
scientists who are on the cutting edge of innovative and original thought.

Perhaps the most pressing issue is the need for contemporary art
institutions to look at and examine innovations made by living
representational painters and sculptors.

Michael Newberry, the director of the Foundation says: "The contemporary art
world has focused on video, installation, and performance artists but not on
innovative contemporary painters and sculptors. The aim of the Foundation is
to bring awareness of this problem and to offer creative solutions that
directors of contemporary museums could embrace."

Another focus of the Foundation will be to discuss the content of art in the
context of human value. David Kelley, philosopher and also one of the
speakers at the conference says: "Human beings have always felt a profound
need to envision a human ideal and explore the range of human possibilities.
Art can be perhaps the most powerful means of doing so."

Other speakers will be Jan Koenderink, Vision Scientist; Stephen Hicks,
Philosopher; and Martine Vaugel, Sculptor. Their bios can be found here:

For admission please contact Brett Holverstott, brettgh {AT} reed.edu. Seating is

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