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[Nettime-ro] anunt: ultimul numar din revista tura_bar
megatron on Fri, 30 Jan 2004 10:16:52 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] anunt: ultimul numar din revista tura_bar

La inceput am vrut sa scriu sus la subiect [Nettime-ro] ce e arta si la ce ne ajuta ea?, numai atunci aveam deplina siguranta ca o sa apara anuntul pe nettimero, dar am avut un fel de stinghereala si am riscat. Asta e un mesaj trimis de mine mai demult dar care saracu nu a ajuns pe lista si intre timp si-a pierdut orice fel de urgenta:

revista parazit Tura_bar #4 paraziteaza Artelier Nr. 8!



G.X. Jupitter-Larsen aka The Haters - Responsive - "Parasitic worms had been designed and developed."

The Haters - Death-Defying sickness - "The image of the 'naughty nurse'."

ST - T-shirt show & tell - "Yeah I got those two 'No entry', 'Street Closed'."

Alina Serban - Welcome to hell, TATAIE! Unofficial art propaganda during the 21st century - "Look at the signs!!! Please don't erase."

Vlad Nanca - An interview with Norio Kobayashi - "A few years ago, Ian Jeffrey gave a presentation of Japanese photography."


ST - MICRO BLUE CD - V.A. Plop Records (plip 3004)

ST - MASSIMO Hello Dirty CD - (mego063)

ST - OMB/Oral Method - (FlyCD03)

ST - DISCOM Automoto - (DECO003)

ST - MAS Turn - (FlyCD05)

Tema de studiu Balkanisch_Japanische_Brüderschaft T o sa fie aprofundata pe parcusul a mai multe numere.

Supported by Mego© and Roolytoons®

Revista parazit Tura_bar publicata de diverse periodice 'gazda' este in cautare de noi oferte. 

Contactati-ne la: kinbaku_art {AT} yahoo.de

".parasites suppress the host's immune response sufficiently to allow their own survival but leave some immune surveillance to prevent an uncontrolled growth which would kill the host. In this manner the parasites can be passed to another host."

TURA_BAR # 1 sequencing started in Arhitext Design # 9-10/2002 / Bucharest

TURA_BAR # 2 divides itself inside Octogon Architecture & Design #13 / 2003 Bucharest

TURA_BAR # 3 lives in Angelo #5 / 2003 / Paris

TURA_BAR # 4 grows in Artelier # 8 /2003 Bucharest

TURA_BAR # 5 merges its genetic material with Cosmopolis, 1st Biennial of Contemporary Balkan Art, Thessalonica, April-June 2004 .still to happen 

.next issue will be in. 

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