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[Nettime-ro] D Media - Protokoll Studio / EXTREME ASIAN SESSIONS OCTOMBR
atordai on Fri, 8 Oct 2004 10:26:21 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] D Media - Protokoll Studio / EXTREME ASIAN SESSIONS OCTOMBRIE 2004


Youji Inoue aka DILL http://www.pureweb.jp/~dill (Tokyo, electronica/glitch)
Takuro Mizuta Lippit aka Sniff http://www.smashtv.org
Yutaka Makino (NY, abstract hip hop/turntablims) http://www.yutakamakino.tk
(Amsterdam, noise/experimental)

Vivian Wenli Lin www.softskinproductions.com (NY, video artist)


08.10 CLUJ - Studioul Protokoll, str. Taietura Turcului nr. 4,
                    proiectie video, arta feminista, discutii libere,
                     Vivian Lin (NY), ora 18.00* (vezi mai jos)

09.10 CLUJ - Studioul Protokoll str. Taietura Turcului nr. 4,
                    masa rotunda : JP subcultural underground ora 15:00
09.10 CLUJ - Club Brake Point, concert, str.Iuliu Maniu nr.21, ora 20:00

*barely audible (3 minutes also with english subtitles). - A teenage
girl on Myrtle Ave negotiates impending womanhood, pregnancy, love, and doom,
all the while trying to stay alive.
   _this video has very fast spoken word poetry as the soundtrack but i
think the visuals itself will create a story. it focuses on a universal
aspect of despair. a young girl who redeems herself through her body
for love and attention.

agent orange (3 min.) - An unsettling documentary music video for the
Pharoah Monch song that forces the viewer to grapple with some of the
worlds most heinous atrocities.
   _this video is highlż political concerning the devastations of war and
the people who were effected especially in regards to the vietnam war
and americas role.

the art of hollering (7 min) -  A short documentary featuring different
voices, opinions, and techniques about this primitive form of communication
between the sexes.
     _hollering is a very specific term used in american hiphop about how
men approach women on the streets and harass them. this is a talking
heads documentary that features different opinions.

hello kitty is dead (8 min) - Exploring the exotification of Asian
women in American media.
     _this is a media montage collected from movies, print, television
about the american misperception of asian women in the media. and the
stereotypes and their effects on żoung women in america.

self portrait triptych - these are more video art pieces there are all
about 1-2 minutes each and are personal to me.

confrontation (1 min.) - a story of harassment
window of your eyes (1 min. silent) - video as text as portrait
self portrait (2 min. silent) - a drawing/video from blank slate to

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